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Floor to Knee Hooping with Michelle Valenti

knee hoopingMichelle Valenti of Michelle Valenti Performance Art is here with an excellent hooping tutorial showing us how to do the “Foot Kick Up” – bringing the hoop from the floor up to our knees. She makes it look so easy and reminds us that timing and placement are key. Michelle currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and the soundtrack is called “This Time Around (feat. Koo)” by KOAN Sound and ASA and you download a copy for your very own over on iTunes.

Leg Hooping with Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom Oh leg hooping, why are you such a challenge for so many? Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops tells it like it is and more in this new tutorial that breaks down exactly what you need to get that hoop spinning on your legs. No, not just your knees boys and girls, your LEGS! Through slow motion and more, you’re gonna get this with her help and don’t be afraid to kick it up without any pants too, cause after all, who is going to know? When it comes to learning how to leg hoop you’re going to want to get down to skin for maximum ease in learning. Jess lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Ebonie Quint

ebonie quint One thing hoopers quite often do after seeing a particular move or learning a new trick is to use it in their own repertoire just as they saw it done. Ebonie Quint of Ebonie Hoops has a lot of the moves we know and love, but executes them with her own flair, adding some unique twists and unexpected variations that add a whole new dimension to what we thought we knew, which not only keeps it all fresh, but also puts a spin on things that is uniquely her own. Ebonie says, “The hoop helped me find my sense of motion. Anyone can help tap into their own sense of organic movement with a hoop.” Ebonie lives in Indiana, USA, and her soundtrack is “Cosmic Pulse” by Elephant Revival, which you can get for yourself on iTunes.

Hooping Tutorials: Waist to Knee Hoop Split

Lisa Lottie How lucky are we? Very lucky when we have hooping tutorial featuring the amazing talents of Lisa Lottie. Have you seen her hooping on her knees and her waist and thought to yourself, “I’ll probably never be able to do that?!?” Well, Lisa teams up with Deanne Love of Hooplovers to spin up this wonderful tutorial on that waist to knee hoop split. The key, of course, is practice, practice, practice. She says it won’t happen overnight, steering us to practice about ten minutes each day and even then it might take weeks or months, but just keep trying. Very encouraging words from such an iconic hooper! Lisa is currently living between London, England, UK, and Melbourne, and Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.