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Emma Kenna

Emma Kenna

We love this shot of Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad captured at Hoopcamp 2013 in Watsonville, California, USA. She lives in Bristol, England, UK. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Italian Hoop Connection 2013

Italian Hoop Connection

by Richie Isaacs The annual Italian Hoop Connection was recently held in “a beautiful yoga centre just a few steps from the wild and stunning beach of Alberoni” in Lido di Venezia, Italy. How many hoopers made their way to…

Three Beat Weave


Are you still trying to figure out what the heck the difference is between doing a regular weave versus a three beat weave? Well, you’re in luck because today Emma Kerr of Hooping Mad is here with a tutorial that…

New Zealand Hoopfest Spins It Up

[Guest blogger Anne-Marie Emerson gives us the hoop scoop on the New Zealand Hoopfest/a>] by Anne-Marie Emerson The New Zealand hooping community came together for the second annual New Zealand HoopFest, held in the beautiful setting that is the Brookfields…

A Swede, a Kiwi and a Brit

Wellington, New Zealand. The nation’s capital, home to the arts, the Beehive, Peter Jackson and wind. Lots of wind. Wellington’s official nickname is Windy Wellington so it’s no surprise our international hooper stars here are experiencing a helping hand from…

Kenna Hoops

Kenna Hoops of Hooping Mad shows us her own mad hooping skills. She lives in Bristol, England, UK. Soundtrack: “Cannonball” by The Breeders (on iTunes). A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Hoop Convergence 2012: Wedgies and Fire

[Leslie Perales, aka Tilly Whirls, is live blogging from Hoop Convergence and will be doing so throughout the weekend. The first post is here. This is her second.] by Leslie Perales Deciding what to write about after an amazing day…