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The Twin Helicopter Spin with Katie Sunshine

katiesunshinehelicopterspin Hooping.org’s very own Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops brings us this wonderful twin hoop tutorial for The Helicopter Spin! She says, “You want hoops that are pretty much the exact same size and weight.” Katie also discusses what you will need to accomplish this beautiful trick too. Being able to spin two hoops on one arm is also really fabulous for exercising your motor skills, toning your arms – and it looks great. Give it a spin! She lives in Conway, Arkansas, USA, and the soundtrack is “Latazz” by Funky Lowlives which can be easily purchased over on iTunes.

Katie Sunshine and The Hooptown Hotties Spin Up Some Fun

KatieSunshineHooptown Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops pays a visit to Hooptown and guess who she runs into? The Hooptown Hotties, of course. Traveling back in time she meets up with Morgan Jenkins and Rebecca Victoria and this super hooper trio spin up some serious fun together from yesteryear. Filmed by Melissa Badamain, the video was edited by Morgan. Katie lives in Conway, Arkansas, and The Hooptown Hotties live in Los Angeles, California, USA. The soundtrack for this is “Heatwave” by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and it’s available for you to download on iTunes.

Katie Sunshine Jumps For Joy

Katie Sunshine

Hooping.org’s Katie Sunshine jumps for joy with her hula hoops in a photoshoot with photographer Josh McCrary of Affluent Productions. Love it! She lives in Conway, Arkansas, USA.