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The Hooping Life DVD is Finally Here

The Hooping Life DVD by Philo Hagen

One of the questions I’ve heard so many times I’ve lost count has been, “When will there be a DVD available of The Hooping Life that I can get my hands on?” Well, dear hooper, I finally have a rock solid answer for you, and it’s all happening very soon. In fact, pre-orders for your DVD copy of the Hoopie Award winning documentary film from Director Amy Goldstein are officially being accepted starting today. The Hooping Life, for those that might be new to the community, takes an up close and personal look at the early years of the modern hoop dance movement. Featuring Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach, Christabel “Hoopgirl” Zamor, Karis Wilde, Baxter, Tisha Marina Bernard, Sass Schultz, the gang from Groovehoops and more, the film made quite the splash in the film festival circuit a few years ago. In fact, everyone I talked to at the premieres had one thing to say about it whether they were hoopers yet or not. It’s inspiring.

Goldstein put video cameras directly into the hands of several noteworthy hoopers with stories to tell and off they went to film their lives. The results became an integral part of first film that captures the origins and rise of hooping, telling eight extraordinary stories of fellow hoop devotees who embraced the circle as an art form, a teaching aid, even an instrument of redemption. From the streets, to the clubs, to giant arenas, spectacularly filmed performances as well celebrate the healing power of movement, as well as the spirit of human inventiveness. The Hooping Life also has a killer soundtrack by Basement Jaxx, additional music by The Scissor Sisters and an appearance by hooping jam-band legends The String Cheese Incident. There’s also brand new artwork too that we really love.

The Hooping Life DVD

The Hooping Life will be fully available on April 22nd, and you’ll be able to get it not only on DVD, but also on VOD (Major Cable/Satellite/Telco systems), as well as Digital download (Major IVOD platforms include iTunes Worldwide). That’s less than a month from now, but you should also know that there are perks that come with going the hard copy pre-order route. A) You know you’ll get one before everybody else, and B) Hoopers that pre-order the DVD at $29.90 can host a free public screening of it in their community between April 17 and May 17, 2014. “We believe in the butterfly effect,” Goldstein explained, adding, “by hosting a screening of the first documentary feature about hooping, the community can grow exponentially. And it’s way more fun to watch and hoop with others.”

As many already know, screenings of the film came with a $500 price tag in recent years, so to be able to show it in your community and inspire even more hoopiness is quite the incentive. When asked more about it Amy said, “Included with the pre-order we are offering you the possibility to screen the film with an audience. Screen The Hooping Life in your community for a celebration of hooping. Screen it in your living room, pool, backyard with your friends, families and neighbors, at your school, college, library, community center, local coffee shop, at work…” The possibilities are actually pretty endless, and whether you’re a hooper, hoop-curious or totally new to hooping, The Hooping Life is a movie that not only makes you move, it really allows us a cool way to organize a fun event that is truly a phenomenal vehicle to help build a hoop community around you. You can pre-order it on their website.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Karis Hoops Up American Music Awards with Christina Aguilera

Karis Wilde helps Christina Aguilera down the stairs at the American music Awards

Karis with Christina Aguilera

Karis is one of the most accomplished hoopers on the planet having appeared in music videos with everyone from Pink to The Scissor Sisters. He’s spun his way into international ad campaigns, hooped the catwalk of fashion runways, and was even featured in The Hooping Life documentary film where his story is one of personal triumph.

Born in a small town in Mexico, and relocated to Los Angeles when he was just months old, gender bender Karis was the first boy at Chatsworth High School to attend his prom dressed in drag. One week out of high school he had already started his costume fabrication career as an Assistant Designer, making and designing garments for Marilyn Manson’s tour, Queens of the Stone Age, TLC, Ludacris, even Angelina Jolie. But somewhere along the way he picked up a hoop and in no time at all he had transported himself from behind the scenes to center stage, wowing audiences with his androgynous beauty and mad hoop skills. Having mesmerized Mutaytor audiences since 2003, Karis remains the crown jewel of Lucha VaVOOM and when we launched our first annual Hoopie Awards celebration years ago it was Karis who scored himself our very first Male Hooper of the Year award. And now he can add performing with Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards to his already impressive resume.

“They didn’t want any props on the stage,” he told Hooping.org. “My friend is a casting agent and they were looking for freaks and people with strong personalities for a performance with Christina, but they only wanted people, so the fact that I had my hula hoop wasn’t working in my favor. But once they saw the hoop and my look they changed their minds. They decided they wanted me on stage.”

The Hooping Life Spins Up Cincinatti

Maria Jacob Hula Hooping

Maria Jacob

University of Cincinnati student club The Hoopdance Cats and other local hoopers came together for a workshop and a screening of the new documentary The Hooping Life that included a performance by Karis himself. The hooper who has been featured in music videos including Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” and worked with celebrities such as Madonna, danced for the audience and helped host a “Hoop Life” workshop for more than 30 hoopers as well. “I never thought I’d be traveling to the big city of Cincinnati, Ohio,” said Karis. “It has completely changed my life.” Karis also shared his message about doing what you love. “Find whatever makes you happy and go for it,” he said, “Regardless of what it is or how silly it can be, like hula hooping.” Zoe Seiter created The Hoopdance Cats to celebrate hooping, telling The News Record, “We started a revolution!” Hoopdance Cats vice president Maria Jacob explained, “Every time we hooped outside, everyone asked about it and they were intrigued by it. They definitely know about us. A lot more people are coming to the club just starting for the first time, which is really cool, because you get that initial hoop feeling, and it’s euphoric.”

More Screenings This Month:

March 22nd: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
March 24th: Alameda, California, USA
Mar 30th, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada