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Kenzie Lynn

Nothing stands out more than a bright orange hoop and an awesome hooper that knows how to use it. Check out Kenzie Lynn as she kills it with a single hoop, mini hoops, and even a…

Adam Amis

Adam Micheal Amis, aka HoopMonkey, spins up a LED hoop at Hoopalooza FlowFest 2013 at the Water Mountain Campgrounds in Belle, Missouri, USA. He lives in Topeka, Kansas, USA. Photo by Melting Point Productions.

Moon Mama Hoop Dances at 37 Weeks Pregnant

Melissa Hart, otherwise known as Moon Mama in Motion of Moon Motions, is getting pretty gosh darn close to being a mama again. She explains, “This is my 4th baby and I was put on…

Hutchinson Kansas Sets Guinness Hula Hoop World Record

It’s time to add Hutchinson, Kansas, to the hot spots of hooping. Hutchinson, located 39 miles (63 km) northwest of Wichita, on the Arkansas River, has been home to salt mines since 1887, thus its…

Miss Conception: Flow Like Scoe

Miss Conception not only rapped the lyrics, she hooped it and then edited this video you don’t want to miss. She lives in Kansas City, Kansas, USA.