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LED Hooping with Alyssa Prince and Luna Byrd

Alyssa Prince & Luna Byrd hooping Alyssa Prince and Luna Byrd gathered together in what Luna calls her “Byrd Nest” for a practice session with their LED hoops. It’s really cool seeing how they respond to each others energy and their attempt at partner hooping was a success, as you can see for yourself. Alyssa and Luna both live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and the soundtrack for this video is “Gooey” by Glass Animals, and it’s available for you to download a copy of for yourself over on iTunes.

Slackline Hooping with Luna Byrd

lunaslacklinehoop Luna Byrd is “Slacking Off” in this fantastic video of her hooping and slacklining. Balancing on one foot much of the time, we get to see her try and try again, all the while sporting a great smile and her determination pays off. Watch as her balance improves as the video progresses. It definitely takes some talent and coordination to do this kind of multitasking. Luna lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and the fun song for this video is called “Canto de Ossanha” by Jurassic 5, and if you would like a copy of it of your own, you can get it on iTunes.

Foot Hooping Acrobatics with Luna Byrd

Luna Byrd hooping It looks like Luna Byrd has been hard at work learning some pretty crazy acrobatic foot-hooping tricks, at least based on this stop motion video of her nonchalantly blowing our minds in a driveway. Luna describes the video as, “Just a little upside down fun time with my hoop.” We love that she’s so casual about, because we are quite impressed. Luna lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and her soundtrack here is “Scheme Reprise” by STS9 and you can download a copy of it for your own collection on iTunes.