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Hula Hooping with JJ Hula

JJ HulaJJ Hula, aka James Frederickson, is back with a new hoop dance video that is sure to put a spring in your step and a grin on your face. He serves it up fresh and flirty for our enjoyment with a little bit of everything, even some rather amazing hair hooping. Yes, he’s hooping with his hair again. JJ Hula hails from the great state of Virginia, USA, and his soundtrack for this little marvel is “You’re Mine” by Mariah Carey, and it’s available for you to get a copy of for yourself as well on iTunes.

JJ Hula Hoops for the Applause

JJ Hula Compilation Video

JJ Hula, aka James Frederickson, has been laying low for awhile, but he’s back with a new video highlighting his favorite hooping moments from the past 3 years. Included are clips from performances, practices, and unreleased projects that truly show off…

JJ Hula

JJ Hula

What’s better on a hot summer day than spending some quality time with your hoop and a frosty beverage? JJ Hula, aka James Fredrickson, scores himself a Frappuccino and takes us out for a big spin – or as he…

JJ Hula: Morning Practice

JJ Hula

One of the greatest gifts you get when you follow a particular hooper is getting to see them evolve and mature in their art. JJ Hula, aka James Fredrickson, gifts us with something a little different from what he normally…

JJ Hula: Womanizer

Seems only fitting that this old quote be used here – “Sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!” In this case the man in question is the crowd favourite king of sass JJ Hula, otherwise…