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Hooping on the News in Jacksonville

The Morning Show, JacksonvilleShannon Reeves and Jessica Porter appeared on the Jax4News in Jacksonville, Florida, to talk about hula hooping for your health and show viewers just what it is all about. And when the host makes the mistake of mentioning that hooping is becoming popular with women, he’s quickly corrected that it’s for boys as well. The host, who is something of a ham, calls himself “a hula hoop plus” and uses the term as an explanation as to why he’s not going to try it live and on the air. We’d like to point out that all he needs is the right size hoop. Instead he cues “the Channel 4 orchestra” (which sounds exactly like Malian singer Habib Koité) and the pair deliver some hoop dance on air with flair. You can watch the video here: Jax4News. Their hoop dance soundtrack: “Din Din Wo” by Habib Koite on iTunes