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Top Ten List for June 15-28 2014

Top Ten List

It's time for a Top Ten List and we'll be counting down the Top Ten most buzz worthy posts of the second half of June (as based on reader response), starting things off at number ten and working our way up to number one. So what has been hot in the hoopersphere lately? It's time…

Bat Mitzvah Hooping

Welcome to Taylor's Bat Mitzah. Our entertainment for tonight will be the hoop dance stylings of the lovely and talented Jami Doria of Hip Mama Hula Hoops - who is in fact a very hip mother of two. After several years of only seeing herself as "mom" and "wife" she rediscovered her inner essence and…

Long Island Hoops for Health

The hooping bug has hit Long Island, New York  and the hoopers there are thrilled to talk about its health benefits.  Jami Goleski of Hip Mama Hula Hoops credits her hoop practice for her bounce back to shape after pregnancy.  Goleski told Long Island Newsday, “Finding hooping was the best thing that has happened to me since…

Jami Doria

Jami Doria of Hip Mama Hula Hoops is lost in bliss as her hoop magically floats around her. Jami is from Long Island, New York, USA. Photo by Eraj Asadi, who's work is no stranger to the hooping community.  A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.