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Top Ten List

Top Ten List for May 4-10 2014

Hey Hoopers! It’s that time again, time for our weekly Top Ten List where we count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the past week, as based on reader response. So what was hot in the hoopershpere this go around? Let’s find out! Here’s Hooping.org’s Top Ten List for May 4th – 10th, 2014. 10. Kicking us…

Circular Awakenings

Circular Awakenings: Hoop Dance and our Higher Self

“Circular Awakenings” by The Independents is a mini-documentary exploring the sacred connection between hoop dance and the ancient tradition of spinners & meditators. Filmed at the Sacred Circularities gathering in Bali, Indonesia, Erick Joseph and others discovered there was much more depth and tradition to our rapidly expanding hooping movement than they imagined. Featuring Jaguar Mary who states, “Spinning supports…

Balance Technique with Baxter

Hula Hoop Balance Technique with Baxter

Baxter of The Hoop Path is here to teach us all about the Balance Technique, which is a pretty cool thing to learn with thanks to Jaguar Mary of Sacred Circularities for making this tutorial. Balance technique is a new expression of hoop dance meditation that Baxter has been developing for several years. We learn how this technique originated and…

Jaguar Mary

Jaguar Mary

One thing nearly every hooper who has attended festivals or gatherings knows is that when it all winds down there can be a very real sense of loss. Leaving a community of like minded souls is one of the hardest things to experience so we, individually or in groups, ease ourselves back into our other lives through decompression, gently winding…

Hooping Tutorial: The Rising Sun

Zach Fischer and Marria Grace Kee of Ninja Hoops are a dynamic hooping duo from Oakland, California, USA. While they’re most famous for their flawless choreography and dynamic, acrobatic hooping style, this tutorial spins up a movement sequence that pretty much anyone can learn. They’re here to teach us a very handy transitional sequence they have named “The Rising Sun”…

Hooping Tutorials: One Handed Floats

Our last Hoopie Award winner for Tutorial of the Year paired up Shakti Sunfire with Jaguar Mary of Sacred Circularities behind the camera – and now, they’ve done it again. This time around Shakti is here to teach us how to do “One-Handed Floats” in this tutorial recorded at Hoopcamp 2012. Shakti lives in San Francisco, California, USA.