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Lula Hula Welcomes You To Burlesque!

Lula-Hula Lula Hula, otherwise known as
Martina Morati, likes to bring us a variety of flavors and this time she’s back with a spin on burlesque, or a hoop dance video inspired by the song “Welcome to Burlesque” from the film “Burlesque”. She takes the stage with her two backup dancers and everyone, including her audience, is in 1920’s burlesque cool in this stunning video that whisks us all back in time. She lives in Verona, Italy, and the soundtrack “Welcome To Burlesque” by Cher is available on iTunes.

A Fluorescent LED Hooping Duet with Flow & Ila

ledhulahoop Flow & Ila, otherwise known as Fiorella Furbettis and Ilaria Morgana Martorella, return to hooping.org in this collaborative led hooping video. Synchronizing their LED hoop dancing for your entertainment with black light reactive body paint, coordinated outfits, and groovin’ beats galore, these two are ready to dazzle you. Don’t miss it! Video Editing by Manuela Bockstaele. Fluo Body Painting by SolART & Eugenia Skia Wmwm. They currently live in Turin, Italy, and the soundtrack for this one is by Simo Andumatek, and you can find more of their music over on SoundCloud.

Roman Holiday Hooping with Flavie Steelandt

Flavie Steelandt Hooping Idol 4 favorite Flavie Steelandt of Floop di Hoop takes us along on her amazing vacation experience in Rome. She’s hooping it up at a variety of iconic locations with some noteworthy double hooping technique and beautiful flow with her circles, all while swaddling her child. Flavie lives in Nersingen, Germany, and the soundtrack for this one is Ramon Carnicer’s “Elena e Costantino-Act 1. Adolfo, il figlio mio, vive?” and you can find it over on Amazon.

Hoop Dancing in Goa with Meri

Hoop Dancing in Goa with Meri It might be cold where you are, but it’s warm over here. Meri shares what she is calling her “first real video” of her hooping, taken at the Arambol Carnival on Arambol Beach in Arambol, Goa, India. Filmed by Tom Shanti, Meri spins up something beautiful here with some beautiful flow and beautiful scenery to match it. She currently lives in Rome, Italy, and the soundtrack for this one is “Intro” by XX, which can be downloaded for your own music collection over on iTunes.

Hooping in Qatar with Paola Berton

PaolaBerton Paola Berton of PaolaBerton.com spins up something simply sassy with this spirited hoop session. Filmed in Doha, Qatar, with beautiful architecture as her backdrop, Paola impresses us again with her flawless isolations, weaves and body rolls. She currently lives in Padua, Italy, and the soundtrack here is called “Guerrilla” by Giyo and you can grab your very own copy of it for your own collection over on Bandcamp.

Hoop Dreams with Erica Cammarata

michaelhoopdreams Erica Cammarata makes her hooping.org debut with this breathtakingly beautiful collaboration with filmmaker Michel Goossens of Mican Productions. This conceptual shoot embodies the elegance of hoop dance with the beauty of a simple sunset at the beach, shot in Camogli, Italy. Erica’s peaceful hooping by the water will have you wishing that you could join her. She’s currently lives in Camogli, Italy, and the music for this video is a royalty free track called “Jazzy Wine Bar” by Bobbey Cole, and you can find it via membership over at VideoBlocks.com.

Hooping for Love with Angelica Ikahoop

Angelica Ikahoop Here we find Angelica Ikahoop surrounded by the ruins of a relationship, but is she going to let love stop her from hooping? Absolutely not. Her hoop dance exhibition was shot on location at Castello del Conte Verde in Val di Susa, Italy, where she spins multiple hoops, as well as a truly epic pizza toss. Video by Mauro Tummolo. Angelica lives in Torino, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and the soundtrack for this is “Sleeping Satellite” by Tasmin Archer, which you can get your copy of on iTunes.