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Federica Pennetta

Federica Pennetta

When photographer Camilla Bonadonna needed a representation of fire for her photographic exhibition “The Four Elements”, her answer came in the form of Federica Pennetta and her fire hoop. Federica lives in Pisa, Italy.

Federica Pennetta

Federica Pennetta

We love this shot of Federica Pennetta of Easy Juggling, taken during her “Singin in the Rain” performance. Part of the “Relive The Dream” joint project with The Circus Gang in Tuscany, Federica lives in Pisa, Italy.


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In this ethereal hooping montage, Eleonora “BijHoop”, takes us on a journey of visual delight.  Spinning her way through several varied locations, we witness interesting angle shots of her prodigious hooping skills. With all this goodness it’s an added bonus…

Kikka Hooper: Gone With the Wind

I am convinced hoopers don’t really care about weather. The sensible thing to do when the conditions are a bit rugged outside is to stay inside, especially when it’s a tad breezy out as the wind has a habit of…

Paola Berton: Dreaming Colors

There are times when a hooping video is so deliciously stunning that you are left, mouth agape and transported into a far away place where dreams exist. Paola Berton’s latest creation is indeed mouth watering goodness. Her video was made…