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Angelica Ikahoop

Hooping for Love with Angelica Ikahoop

Here we find Angelica Ikahoop surrounded by the ruins of a relationship, but is she going to let love stop her from hooping? Absolutely not. Her hoop dance exhibition was shot on location at...


Roman Hooping with Sara Kunz

Sara K.M. Kunz of Hoop Everywhere is hooping on one leg in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Love it! Originally from Hawaii, she’s currently living in Berlin, Germany.


Crushed Gravel with BijHoop and DJ Ivan Pe

Are you ready for something truly epic? BijHoop, known in certain circles as Eleonora BijHoop, paired up with DJ Ivan Pe and videographer Paola Marinelli and they descended upon a gravel quarry to spin...

Hoopdance Lab

The Hoop Dance Lab at La Parada par Tücc

We love the Hoop Dance Lab participants at La Parada par Tücc. Led by Manu Romano, the social project utilizes participatory art and creativity based in selflessness, freedom and ecology with free public workshops...

Federica Pennetta

Federica Pennetta

Federica Pennetta of The Circus Gang and Easy Juggling knows that while we may be “Working on it over and over”, we always need to be happy with where we are. “These are my...

Fiorella Furbettis

Fiorella Flow

Fiorella Flow is grooving in green with her LED hoop, taken during a performance with psytrance artist Eudaimonia. She lives near Turin, Italy. Photo by Carlotta Coppo.

Monica Saso

Monica Saso

We love this shot of Monica Saso and her magic floating hoops. She lives in Catania, Italy. Photo by Giovanni Tomaselli.

Federica Pennetta

Federica Pennetta

When photographer Camilla Bonadonna needed a representation of fire for her photographic exhibition “The Four Elements”, her answer came in the form of Federica Pennetta and her fire hoop. Federica lives in Pisa, Italy.