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Kikka Hooper: Gone With the Wind

Kikka Hooper I am convinced hoopers don’t really care about weather. The sensible thing to do when the conditions are a bit rugged outside is to stay inside, especially when it’s a tad breezy out as the wind has a habit of temporarily turning our hoops into makeshift kites. Luckily for us Kikka Hooper heads straight outside into the wind and gets hooping as this really is the sensible thing to do. Kikka lives in Abruzzo, Italy, and her soundtrack for a windy day is “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones which is available on iTunes.

Hooping Up the Interamnia World Cup

Kikka Hooping in the Interamnia World Cup Parade

Kikka in the Interamnia World Cup Parade

Amnesty International’s parade at the 40th annual Interamnia World Cup in Teramo, Italy, not only ushered in great solidarity between the nations of the world, Kikka the Italian Hooper shared the hoop love with citizens from more than 100 nations. Over 100 countries participated in the Interamnia World Cup this year, the world’s most international handball tournament. During its 40 year history the FIFA World Cup has drawn international attention, so much so that it was defined in 2002 by the International Handball Federation as “the most important youth tournament in the world of handball.” The event has been recognized by UNICEF for bringing the world together, as well as a Commission of the European Parliament which recognized the “international handball tournament for non-violence and solidarity between peoples”. Watch Kikka fire hooping in the parade in the Italian News television footage below. She lives in Abruzzo, Italy.: