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The Goddess Machine With Maiki Nope

Maiki Nope We take you to Hoopcamp 2014 where Maiki Nope is taking a break from the festivities to share a little demo/tutorial for a move that he likes to call “The Goddess Machine”. It is a great isolation variation to add to any mini hoopers repertoire, so if that’s your thing, then by all means – don’t miss this one. Maiki lies in Oakland, California, USA, and this little video was filmed by Pam Mayer of Pam Hoops.

Lindzee’s Amazing Mini Hoop Illusions While Blindfolded

Lindzee Hoops There are those of us who really love to create illusions with our hoops. Well Lindzee of Lindzee Poi takes the whole art of creating illusions concept to the next level in his recent video where he spins four small hoops to create some completely mesmerizing isolation work with minis – with a blindfold on too. Lindzee lives in Angers, France, and his soundtrack for this is the Avicii edit of “Blessed” by Tom Hangs featuring Shermanology and you can snag a copy for yourself on iTunes.

Hooping Isolation Combination with Morgan Jenkins

Morgan Jenkins Morgan Jenkins of The Hooptown Hotties is here with a isolation combination tutorial that is kind of 3 tricks in one. She brings a horizontal cat eye isolation together with some ghosting while turning in a circle for a combo she likes to call “Morgan’s Magic Move”. She says, “Together these moves create an awesomely fluid illusion in your hoop dance and leave viewers saying ‘How’d they do that?'” Filmed by Amy Marie Winship, Morgan lives in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Wonderland” by Sqeepo and you can get a copy of it on iTunes.


Night Hooping with Pope

Pope, otherwise known as Bryan Pope, makes his hooping.org debut spinning things up after dark, and he spins up something truly beautiful with such grace and flow – not to mention some truly solid isolations. Watch for the low ones he does that pretty much rocked our world. He says, “Just a little practice video, trying out new things” –…