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Hula Hooping on a Paddleboard

Paddleboard Hooping

We’ve been seeing more stand up paddleboard hooping this summer and this shot of Jackie Lew of Hoops by Hulacat in that great dress with a matching hoop really inspired us. She’s hooping on Keuka Lake and she lives in Hammondsport, New York, USA. Photo by Barbara Mazeika.

Finding Time To Hoop: My Ah-hoop Moment

[Hooping.org columnist Abby Schwartz may be new to hooping, but as a freelance writer specializing in health, wellness and fitness, we think you’re going to enjoy following her hoop journey. She also co-moderates our Over 40 Hoopers group. This week she’s on the hunt for time to hoop.] by Abby Schwartz Six months ago, if you had asked me when…