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Rachael Lust on the 4th of July

Rachael Lust We hope our readers who live in the United States had a great 4th of July holiday celebration yesterday. We certainly did and it looks like Rachael Lust of Rachael’s Hoop Dancing did as well. Here we find the YouTube sensation back in the kitchen, only this time she’s spinning it up like we’ve never seen her spin it before, making this easily her best video yet. She lives in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “El Urgencia” by the Hollywood Undead and you can get a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

Ask Hoopalicious: What Helps You Stay Committed?

Ask Hoopalicious Dear Hoopalicious,

What’s the one most valuable feature, attitude, mindset, complimentary practice….that one thing that helps you stay committed to your hoop practice religiously or compliments your hooping bad assery abilities?

Thank U hoop mama of ALL hoop mamas ;o)
Suni Shine

Hi Suni!

Thank you for your great question. I struggled for YEARS to get myself to have what I considered to be a regular practice or to, as you say, “practice religiously”. Discipline has never been my strong suit! I am convinced that the reason I have hooped for so many years consistently is my innate love for movement and community. My best hooping moments and most powerful practice times have always been at a jam, a party or generally in social environments. This is likely because I got my hooping start in the music festival scene, so Hoop Dance has a very festive and social connotation for me. Knowing this about myself has been hugely beneficial because it means that I know the environments in which I shine the most! Then I just need to be sure I get myself out to hoop-able environments or invite people over to hoop often enough to be hooping at least a couple of times a week.

I do have a goal (resulting from being inspired by the Aerialist community) to hoop regularly in a dedicated practice that doesn’t need to be social. It is certainly a shift and there is TONS of resistance! How I am handling this is embarrassingly simple… as it turns out. Ha! I am committing to myself to hoop everyday for at least 30 minutes, and hopefully longer, everyday. When it comes time, and I am feeling all that resistance, I just… DO IT ANYWAY. What always happens next is I get in my hoop (after a good amount of stretching), and after a few minutes of complaining in my head I begin to enjoy myself and all is WONDERFUL! Resistance is nothing other than a thought form we take too seriously (not to be confused with real intuition, but you will know the difference). And through this simplicity I am finding my way (even if it is kicking and screaming) to a disciplined, regular hooping practice. YES!

As for the general bad-assery, I attribute my passion for dance and inherent sensual nature to my ability to rock the hoop. When I hit my groove I am feeling nothing other than my enjoyment of the music and the feel of the hoop on my body. After some time in the “hoop zone” new patterns of movement begin to arise spontaneously because of the space of flow. My mind is in the co-pilot seat instead of the lead.

SO, long answer to a short question, but the short of it is know yourself. Where are your favorite places to hoop and how can you bring more of that into your life? What are your goals for hoop dance? What is your relationship to discipline and the resistance to it? When you hoop are you allowing your passions to rise and REALLY enjoy it or has it become a “task”? I hope this rabbit hole of inquiry will help you create a powerful practice that is just right for YOU.

In hoopiness~


Hoopalicious Need some advice from Hoopalicious? Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach has traveled the world teaching and performing and is highly regarded as the founder of the modern hoop dance movement. In fact, her Hoop Revolution™ curriculum is the foundation for most well-known hoop dance curriculums out there today so if you’ve got a question just ask at hoopalicious@hooping.org. Anah appears in The Hooping Life documentary and was our first inductee into the Hooper Hall of Fame. She lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

RurzOWA and Waglewski Spin Hooping on Polish Television

Poland Gets Hooping Aleksandra “RurzOWA” Olszewska and Julian Waglewski appear to be getting Poland hooping it up as evidence by their recent spotlight story on Benefit TV. Julian told the program, “We are seeing a hooping wave. More and more people are realizing that hooping isn’t something that is just for kids, it’s for adults.” The program urges viewers to find a hoop that works for them. RurzOWA explains, “There are various sizes and thicknesses and the larger and heavier the hoop is, the easier is to keep it spinning around your body. It doesn’t always work out the first time you try it though, so do not be discouraged. This exercise is the coolest, because with a hoop going from your hips to your neck and back down to your waist and to your hand you can work out your whole body.”

RurzOWA, who has a blog here, has a modern dance and circus background making hooping an ideal combination for her to be spinning up. With a long time interest in dance, she’s been teaching classes and participating in national and international competitions and festivals with Dance Theatre. In 2007 she began dancing with fire which spun her even further in the direction of the hoop. Julian has also been a lover of juggling and circus arts for many years. They’ve both spent three years at the National School of Circus Arts in Warsaw and they live in Warsaw, Poland.

The program also talks briefly with Adam Nowak about massage hoops. He warns viewers not to try to use them for very long in a single session to avoid bruising. Then they return to close the segment with Aleksandra and Julian. She tells Benefit TV, “I recommend all the ladies give it a try because hooping is great for building up your self-esteem!” And when asked why hooping is cool again Julian explains, “Because it’s new all over again. Because it’s an unusual toy. Because … why not?!” Watch the program below:

HoopPath 6: Blooming Through Grief

(Hooping.org Assistant Editor Bonnie MacDougall blooms, even through grief.)

By Bonnie MacDougall

At the first official event of the HoopPath 6 Retreat entitled “Bloom”, we were treated on Thursday evening to a scrumptious potluck provided by a local Mediterranean restaurant and the local community of HoopPathers who live nearby in Carrboro, North Carolina. After dinner, however, we broke into mini-tribes of 10-14 people where we spent some time answering several questions to get to know each other while sharing our hooping experience and expectations for the weekend. While I didn’t have any expectations for the weekend and was set to just go with the flow, one question really popped out at me – “What does Bloom mean to you?”. I thought of a lotus flower, a bloom which comes up from beneath the mud and muck below to produce a most glorious flower. The bloom may not always be visible beneath the darkness, but it is still there. And little did I know just how much this vision would apply to me in the coming days ahead.