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Bex Luna Spins Serenity Gathering

Bex Luna Spins Serenity Gathering

Bex Luna Spins Serenity Gathering. Bex Luna spins multiple hula hoops at the Serenity Gathering in Joshua Tree, California. Photo by Jacob Avanzato.

Rachael Lust on the 4th of July

Rachael Lust

We hope our readers who live in the United States had a great 4th of July holiday celebration yesterday. We certainly did and it looks like Rachael Lust of Rachael’s Hoop Dancing did as well. Here we find the YouTube…

Ask Hoopalicious: What Helps You Stay Committed?

Dear Hoopalicious, What’s the one most valuable feature, attitude, mindset, complimentary practice….that one thing that helps you stay committed to your hoop practice religiously or compliments your hooping bad assery abilities? Thank U hoop mama of ALL hoop mamas ;o)…

HoopPath 6: Blooming Through Grief

(Hooping.org Assistant Editor Bonnie MacDougall blooms, even through grief.) By Bonnie MacDougall At the first official event of the HoopPath 6 Retreat entitled “Bloom”, we were treated on Thursday evening to a scrumptious potluck provided by a local Mediterranean restaurant…