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Aerial Emery

Aerial Emery In Aerial Emery’s new “crazy hula hoop video” we get to see one of the instructors at Turbo Fest 8 this coming January, spinning up the fun, along with some seriously cool moves along the way. Shot on location in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, Aerial told Hooping.org, “It would be wonderful to get a bigger hooper community up at the festival in Québec this year. It’s slowly growing every year!” Turbo Fest is held in collaboration with l’École de Cirque de Québec and this fun video production is the work of Norbi Whitney. Aerial lives in Québec, Québec, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is “I Love It” by Icona Pop and you can score a copy of it for yourself I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) [Remixes], Pt. 2 - Icona Pop">on iTunes.

Jade Dussault: Hoop Artist

Jade Dussault Jade Dussault is a passionate circus artist most recently seen in Cirque du Soleil, Le Cirque Fantastique and Cirque Magnifique. Performing a hypnotizing combination of hooping, juggling, contact moves and acrobatics, she never ceases to leave us in awe and inspire us along the way. It’s seven minutes long, but it’s seven minutes well spent for anyone who loves to hoop. Jade lives in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is “The Antikythera Mechanism” by B.T. and it’s available for you to purchase on Amazon.

Noy Kleiner

Limor Benasuly In-D-Negev Music and Arts festival. The festival was held this year in Mizpe Gvulot in the Negev Desert in Israel, and Noy’s hooping at the event is a sight to behold. The soundtrack to this is simply the live music that was playing at the time and over 80 acts performed at the event, now in it’s seventh year. In-D-Negev was formed to develop human consciousness, refreshing and illuminating man himself and his environment with a stable, close and direct communication to the world of creativity and inspiration and thriving culture. Video by Limor Benasuly.

Michala Ondráčková and Her kids

Hoopmania If you’re a hooper with lil’ ones, hoop mama (and/or papa) guilt can sometimes go with the territory. Michala Ondráčková of Hoopmania, however, shows us that hooping can not only be a family event, it’s one that she loves because it keeps everyone together! Her and the kids hoop it up in a beautiful location full of the colors of autumn and whether you have kids or not, you’re pretty sure to enjoy this! Michala lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and the soundtrack that she chose for this is “Dusk to Dawn” by Emancipator. It is available for you to purchase Minor Cause - Dusk to Dawn" target="_blank">on iTunes.

Rina Spins Hula Hoop Joy

Rina and her Hula Hoops Earlier this year someone happened upon Rina hula hooping in a parking lot and they made the world a better place by sharing that fact. We set out on a mission to track her down and we scoured the parking lots of San Mateo looking for her. Why? Because she’s not only a joy to behold, Rina is truly a joy maker. If you need some magical hooping yoga inspiration, well don’t you worry. She’s happy to share her hula hooping hobby with everybody. How about butterfly in the sky or hula showers with Rina? Whoever she is, Rina won our hearts and she’s pretty much guaranteed to win yours as well! So if you happen to know this amazing lady, please tell her we’re all members of her fan club. We meet Rina in Part 1, and she really shows us what she’s made of in Part 2. Rina lives in San Mateo, California, USA.

Allison Donaghy

Allison Donaghy She’s an American girl and she’s hooping it up in the park. Her name is Allison Donaghy and apparently hooping runs in the family. Filmed by her mama, Allison says that she has been taking hoop filming hints from her older hooping sister Caitlin Donaghy. Here we find Allison spinning things up at one of her favorite places, Thompson Park in New Jersey. She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, USA, and the soundtrack for her video is a classic. It’s “American Girl” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and you can get a copy of it on iTunes.

La Line in Leipzig

La Line Hoop Get lost in Leipzig in this beautiful hoop dance video by La Line. Moving throughout the city to German hip hop beats for her very first demo, filmed by Musikspzialisten and Gurmetköche, we get glimpses of her life amidst colorful art. We see her dog, her friends in the park, and especially her universal smile – something that seems to appear on the face of almost every hooper when they’re in the spin regardless of the language. La Line’s a delight to watch and we love her debut and we think you will too. The soundtrack for this is “Brückentag” by Jahmica & Jimmi Vau and you can check them out on Soundcloud.

Tilly Whirls Spins Her 30/30

Tilly Whirls Every so often a hoop practice session can turn into a little piece of gold. That is what we found here in Tilly Whirls video tracking her progress through our New Year 30/30 Hoop Challenge, a public commitment to hooping at least 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days in January. Tilly Whirls, otherwise known as Leslie Perales, is a hoopdancer, hoop maker, performer and instructor. She lives in Reston, Virginia, USA, and was a 2012 Newbie Hooper of the Year nominee in our Hoopie Awards last year. The soundtrack for this video is “She’s Gold” by Josh Baze and you can buy it She's Gold - Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes" target="_blank">on iTunes.

Hooping My Way Through My Day

[Hooping.org Assistant Editor Bonnie MacDougall spins her way through life.]

by Bonnie MacDougall

If you’re anything like me your mind is a virtual hooping vortex sometimes, constantly spinning all things into a hooping metaphor, example, or way of being. I can be in the most mundane setting and find a way to turn my thoughts about the situation into a hooping scenario. Do you find driving boring or a space full of endless frustration? My alone time in the car is inevitably spent becoming fully immersed in the music playing through my iPod and imagining myself hooping to the rhythms. I literally feel my adrenal rush as the music changes, knowing how I would fly my arms and hands during that moment in the song, feeling my legs want to bend and groove with each beat, all the while fully engaged with my ever spinning dance partner. And then whoosh, the song ends. Where there once was just a deep love of music, now is an enhanced, deeper fuller appreciation of movement, of dance, even if it is sometimes just in my mind. Are you hooping your way through life as well? One friend says she does the same thing. Another thinks I’ve fallen off the proverbial “hoop” rocker. Just wait until I tell you more.