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Hooping It Up with Alice Rose

Lets get funky with Alice Rose of Hoop Shaker, our 2014 Newbie Hooper of the Year. She spins up something that is simply captivating with this, showcasing bountiful moves in the studio with rhythm...

Star Mystique

Hula Hooping with Star Mystique

Star Mystique, otherwise known as Gina Steliana, makes her Hooping.org debut all the way from the Isle of Wight. She gets her hoop on with multiple hula hoops and nails some super sweet tricks...


Hooping for Darfur with Tiia Maaret

Tiia Maaret of Hoop The Flow continues to amaze us with her beautiful flow and dramatic movement both inside and outside of her hoop. This time she hoops to bring awareness to the injustices...

Hoola Nation

Extreme Hooping Up Mount Snowdon

by Rachel Conlisk Have you ever climbed a mountain? It’s challenging. Now picture climbing that mountain while hula hooping. That’s the story of five hooping instructors, each of them an extreme hooping enthusiast dedicated...


Yanika’s New Hula Hoop Demo

Yanika, otherwise known as Yanika Kunoichi, sure knows how to pack some punch into a hula hoop demo. Filmed earlier this year in Vienna, Austria, this internationally touring new style circus hoop artist really...

Judson Kimble

Big Autumn Hooping with Judson Kimble

Some hoopers like their hoops little and some hoopers like ‘em big. They don’t, however, really get too much bigger than this. Judson Kimble of JudsonKimble.com recently made a 7 foot hoop and he...


Lauren Frisina and the Mystery Hoop

As Lauren Frisina’s hair swirls, a mysterious hoop appears behind her at the Great South Bay Music Festival, held at Shorefront Park in Patchogue, New York, USA. The hoop is actually hers, but we...


Hoop Dancing with Theresa Rose

Theresa Rose of TheresaRose.com brings us something positively inspirational with this heartfelt hoop dance. She shines as she dances and encourages all by saying “May you always remember that the Light is shining on...


Rager Rabbit Hooping at Farm Fest 2014

Rager Rabbit of Rager Rabbit Hoops cultivates some hoop love at Farm Fest 2014 in Vernon, New Jersey. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Kathryn Rose Korcz of Faces of Festivals.

Heather Doxtater

Mother Daughter Hoop Dance

Heather Doxtater is one of many mothers in the hooping community who loves to share her hooping with her kids, in this case her baby daughter. “She is the reason why I picked up...