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Hailey Reeve at the Baldwin Beach Hoopjam

Hailey Reeve dances with her hoop at Baldwin Beach in Paia at the Thursday afternoon hoopjam by Maui Hoopers. She lives in Makawao, Hawaii, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Lily Raptor

In this short, sweet, and fabulous hoop video, Lily Raptor of the Chivaree Circus lights up a dimly lit room with vibrant colors. The scene opens with her alternating foot hooping and moves to single…

Morgan Orton

Morgan Orton spins a beautiful sunset hooping self portrait silhouette on a beautiful beach of Punta Banco, Costa Rica. Love it! She lives in Florida, USA.

Elbow Hooping Tutorial with Maria Mitchell

In this tutorial, Maria Mitchell of the Hoopaholics explains how to elbow hoop with twins and alternate your arms in and out of the hoop. She says, “Elbow twin hooping can be pretty tricky as…

Tai Valianti Sets Hula Hooping on a Slackline Record

) Tai Valianti is great at breaking records and as he puts it, “doing things that other people don’t do. I try to be as original as possible!” If you don’t believe us, just check out…

Tiia Maaret

Tiia Maaret of Hoop The Flow spins her hoop at Alameda Beach in Alameda, California. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo courtesy of Ryan Leibrich / Golden Gate Xpress.