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A Hula Hoop World Record Attempt in Toronto

activia1 by Liz Frederiksen

What do you get when you mix a hoop dance group, a corporate sponsor, and a lot of enthusiastic, but freezing cold Canadians? Record breaking magic, that’s what! Hundreds of hoopers recently took over Toronto’s Yonge Dundas Square to beat the world record for the largest hula hoop workout. According to Guinness World Records, an impressive record was set two years ago with 407 people, but Toronto area hoopers were not about to be intimidated.

I arrived at the event 15 minutes into the designated sign-in time, thinking I would have no trouble getting in. Instead, I found a nice long line up that stretched down the block. Registration was a bit of a hassle because of the waivers we had to sign, but there was a world record to break, and a free hoop for the effort, so I didn’t mind. Activia, the aforementioned corporate sponsor, decked the Square out in green, white and yellow, and they erected an incredibly large tent canopy as well. The organizers had an ingenious color coding system of squares on the pavement to help us stay properly spaced out and fully counted by our team leaders for the world record attempt. Once settled at my designated spot, it was time for the fun to begin!

Mandy Harvey Mandy Harvey, Sugar Hoops founder, and instructors Amy MacCutchan, Colleen Costello, Scarlet Deamon and Tomoko Couture, showed off their crazy hooping skills to get the crowd psyched up, as if we weren’t already. Mandy then led everyone in doing a warm up to get ready for our world record moment of glory. I was near the stage, but I kept turning around to see the rows upon rows of people behind me all following along. It was quite a rush to be part of something so big, and Scarlet told me afterward that it was incredible to see everyone moving in unison from the stage! What also amazed me was that Mandy, many of the instructors, and their friends and family, had made and taped all 500 of the hoops on hand for the day. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much work was involved.

activia2 For our big moment, the announcer explained that she would sound an air horn and we would follow Mandy’s instructions for five minutes, at which point she would blow the horn again and the record would hopefully be set. Up to that point, the day had been quite lighthearted, but once that horn sounded, people really focused. Mandy took the crowd through some basic drills including waist hooping in both directions, stalls and isolations. When the horn sounded for the second time, I’m convinced the workers in the neighboring high-rises could have heard all of us cheering!

While it took a few days to determine whether or not we had indeed broken the world record, eventually the news came that we did not. Mandy shared that “only” around 380 hoopers participated. She noted, “I feel that we certainly did our part and pushed our limits and were more than successful especially considering how cold it was outside.” While the World Record attempt was a great rallying point, to me the real success is that hundreds of people got introduced to the joy of hooping. The camaraderie and enthusiasm, punctuated with many “aha moments” as people figured out how to hoop, could not be beat. I expect I’ll be seeing those green and yellow world record hoops in Toronto parks all summer long.


lizfrederiksen Contributor Liz Frederiksen was a rhythmic gymnastics performer with Ritmika in the ‘80s/‘90s and participated in the SkyDome (Roger’s Centre) opening ceremonies and Argos football halftime shows in Toronto. After two decades away from rhythmics, she discovered hoop dance and is having fun learning the on-body skills to go with her off-body tricks. She’s a social media consultant and lives in the GTA with her husband, cat and growing collection of hoops! She’s on Twitter and Pinterest.

Tai Valianti Sets Hula Hooping on a Slackline Record

TaiStar feat

Tai Valianti is great at breaking records and as he puts it, “doing things that other people don’t do. I try to be as original as possible!” If you don’t believe us, just check out his most recent video where he breaks the World Record for the longest time hula hooping on a slack line. The original record was 19.5 seconds, but Tai beats it at an impressive 28.7 seconds. He has some crazy balance and hooping skills, as well as many other talents. He currently holds 278 records over at Recordsetter.com, including one for the most sips of eggnog in 30 seconds while listening to Neil Diamond. He lives in Pima, Arizona, USA.

Del Rey Elementary School Sets a New World Record

del rey Yesterday Del Rey Elementary School in Orinda, California, set a new Guiness World Record. With 402 students participating in a five minute hula hoop workout, they smashed the previous record set by 290 students in Hutchinson, Kansas, in November 2012. The event organizer, Eric Menke, said that the event wasn’t just about fitness or hula hooping. He wanted to use this event to teach students three life lessons: (1) Anything you put your mind to you can achieve (2) Never dream small – always dream big (3) Always believe in yourself. With a new world record under their belts, it’s safe to say the students at Del Rey learned all three lessons and then some. More photos available here.

Amanda Moore Training to Break Hula Hooping World Record

amanda moore Amanda Moore of HoopaHula is a cancer survivor, as well as a hula hoop teacher and performer, but if she has her way she will be adding Guinness world record holder to her list of titles. Amanda initially began hooping after she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001. Her love of hooping blossomed into a full time career as a professional hooper. She decided it was time to attempt to set a new Guinness World Record to bring attention to Hooping 4 Kids, a new charity intended to fight childhood obesity with free hoops and hoop instruction, and to give current world record holder Aaron Hibbs of Hoop Forever a run for his money. His record of 74 hours and 54 minutes was set by in October 2009.

On June 4, Amanda will attempt to hoop for 80 hours – that’s over three days of hooping! She will be allowed five-minute breaks every two hours, and she will be given a 15 minute break every six hours, but other then that she will be hooping non-stop. She told the East Anglian Daily Times, “I’m confident my training regime will give me the stamina to go the distance. But my biggest challenges are not endurance related; they’re being able to cope with the sleep deprivation and overcoming the boredom.” Like most hoopers, Amanda likes variety in her hooping, but she won’t be able to use that to keep her alert doing her world record attempt. She says, “I have to keep the hoop revolving around my torso at all times to comply with the world record rules and that will quickly become boring because the real joy of hooping is moving the hoop all over the body.”

Thailand Sets New Hula Hoop Dance World Record

Thailand Hoopers Thailand has set a new Guinness World Record for the most people hoop dancing. Nearly 5,000 people turned out to hoop it up in an attempt to set a new world record for the most people dancing with hula hoops simultaneously in one place, and they did so successfully. Earlier today at Thammasat University in Pathumthani, Thailand, 4,483 people kept their hoops spinning to dance music for seven minutes without interruption, according to Guinness World Records adjudicator Seyda Subasi-Gemici. The event drew people in droves to the open air stadium and of those that made it to Thammasat University, only 517 dropped out or dropped their hoops. The event, organized by the Public Health Ministry’s Department of Health in Thailand, was aimed at creating health awareness among Thais throughout the country. The previous world record was set in Taiwan in 2011 with only 2,496 participants spinning their hoops in continuous motion for 2 minutes, so not only did Thailand almost double the amount of people for the new Guinness World Record, they more than tripled the time to beat as well.

Thailand Hoopers

Hutchinson Kansas Sets Guinness Hula Hoop World Record

Hula Hoop World Record in Hutchinson Kansas It’s time to add Hutchinson, Kansas, to the hot spots of hooping. Hutchinson, located 39 miles (63 km) northwest of Wichita, on the Arkansas River, has been home to salt mines since 1887, thus its nickname of “Salt City”. But now the city with a population of 42,080 has something else to brag about. They’re the current holders of a Guiness World Record for the Largest Hula Hoop Workout.” 290 Students at Hutchinson Magnet School lined up on the playground and danced a hula hoop routine in a bid to establish themselves as Guinness World Record holders and this week they got the word from Guiness that they did just that.

Guinness emailed local coordinator Michelle Clinage, of Sei Bella Studio, announcing: “We are pleased to confirm that you have successfully set the new Guinness World Records title for Largest Hula Hoop workout. Guinness World Records congratulates you on your achievement. Your official certificate confirming your world record is being created and will be sent to you shortly.” The previous record was held by the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa in Edinburgh, UK, where 232 locals and staff performed a Hula Hoop workout in April 2012. Hutchinson, however, beat the record with more than 50 participants to the soundtrack “Firework” by Katy Perry (on iTunes). Clinage knows the record is vulnerable though. Another school in the U.S. and another group in the UK have or are making attempts so she’s thinking about breaking the record herself with another school group. Watch video of their world record achievement below:

Andreas Spilly Spiliadis Giant Hoops to Lo Show Dei Record Victory

Dizzy and Spilly

Dizzy Hips and Spilly Enter the Ring

Earlier this year we told you about the hooping battle of the century. In one corner was Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis, age 44, aka “the hula hoop man”. In the other corner was Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair, age 43. The producers of Lo Show Dei Record, the Italian version of the Guinness Book of World Records TV show, flew both men to Rome to compete in breaking the world record of 64 hoop rotations of a large hoop in one minute. Who would spin their giant hula hoop the fastest on Italian television and emerge victorious? We are very excited to report that we can finally reveal the answer.

Spilly and the Giant Hoop

Sworn to secrecy until the episode aired, we can now reveal that Spilly officially emerged as the hula hoop king. He tied the world record swinging a giant hoop 64 times around his hips in one minute who received $1500 on top of his all expenses paid trip to Italy. A freelance writer and a debate coach at Frederick Douglass High School, Spilly sells hoops in the median overlooking the farmers market. He told the Baltimore Sun his teenage daughters, Zoe and Tali, got him into hula hooping at the age of 39. And for his next trick, he’s planning on using his newfound fame to run for mayor of Baltimore. He plans to make an announcement of his candidacy soon along with an official announcement of his hooping victory. Watch the video here.

Pete Moyer’s Hula Hoop Star Rises on David Letterman

Pete Moyer: Pete the Juggler

Pete Moyer, aka Pete the Juggler

Within days of learning that his YouTube videos were being picked up for an upcoming episode of Bloopers on WGN-TV Chicago and You Gotta See This on the Nickelodeon network, Pete Moyer got the big phone call a lot of us dream about. Today Pete flew to New York City to make his way to the Ed Sullivan Theatre to hula hoop on The Late Show with David Letterman. While he doesn’t know what night he will be appearing on stage, it is either tonight or tomorrow, one way or the other he’s going to be spinning up the airwaves soon on CBS. “I think they want me to come out on stage and run a lap around Dave while hula hooping and juggling,” Moyer said. If that sounds at all unusual to you, then obviously you don’t know Pete Moyer. Better known in certain circles as Pete The Juggler, Moyer currently holds the world record for hula hooping while juggling.

Moyer has been quietly making a name for himself juggling up a storm while hula hooping and setting a string of world records while doing so. He holds records for the most mills mess juggling patterns while hooping too, the most hula hoop rotations in one minute while juggling, the longest time juggling 3 balls overhead while hooping, the longest time juggling three two-pound balls overhead while hula hooping on his knees, and more. Let’s just say the guy can juggle and he can hula hoop and combining the two is about to make him famous. It’s not all about juggling while hula hooping either though.

Bangkok Sets New Hula Hoop World Record

Bangkok Hula Hoopers2,690 people in Bangkok set a new Guinness World Record for the most people hula hooping. The previous record, held by Taiwan, got stomped by nearly a hundred hoopers at Thai-Japan (DinDang) stadium. Bangkok governor M.R. Sukhumphan Boripat opened the ceremonies for the world record attempt saying, “Bangkokians Power to Play Hula Hoops for Health!” Manit Tacha-aphichoke, director of the Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said there was co-operation from people in 50 districts to make it happen and they will now all be a part of history. Nearly 3,000 turned out for the record attempt designed to promote exercising and physical health in Thailand, but to set the record participants had to use three different techniques of swirling the hoops around their bodies with each style lasting 1.3 minutes. Thailand, which is also home to Noona and her huge hit single “Hula Hoop”, hopes the world record will spark more interest in hooping as it is one of the few sports and exercises that can be done at any age, doesn’t take up much space and readily available when you want it.

Gregory Sean Dillon Hula Hoops His Way to a World Record and a More Peaceful Life

Meet the new fastest hula hooper on the planet. Gregory Sean Dillon, 31, has been through a lot and spent a decade drinking heavily to dull the pain. Two years ago, however, he began a new path. He stopped drinking and devoted himself to a life of celibacy, self-restraint and good works, creating, as he told The Orange County Register, “healing change for the people and the land.” And for Dillon hooping is an activity linked with spiritual, mental and physical restoration. He explained, “When I step into the hoop, I’m addressing my weaknesses… (I) am proven proper or improper by my endurance.” Likewise, Dillon often hoops wearing a wooden mask to block his sight, requiring him to tune into his other senses and movement, undistracted. He gave himself a nickname, Hukeela, blending the word “hula” with the “keel” of a boat which keeps it moving on the right track. Now on an even keel, he says he’ll never put down the hoop. “It’s the only time I feel at peace,” he notes. “It allows me to stay focused, and to stay humble. It’s a circle of limitless potential.”