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Kelly Osbourne Lost Weight Hooping

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne joins the list of celebrities who are spinning up hooping for health. Osbourne recently tweeted, “I’m all about Hula-hooping right now! 5mins in the morning 5 mins at night… in 5 days I lost 2 inches from my waistline!” The Daily Mail reports Osbourne has been slender for awhile now, but seems to be losing even more inches to her small frame thanks to the hoop. Miss Osbourne has publicly struggled with her weight in the past, first appearing on her family’s reality show “The Osbournes” as the plus-size, wild child daughter. But Nowadays the pint-size, purple-haired star is down 69 pounds and continuing to slim down thanks to her new healthy hula hooping habit. We hope to see Osbourne, who was quite memorable on Dancing With The Stars, hoop dancing as well sometime soon.


Jen and Keith Moore Hoop It Up on The Doctors

Jen and Keith Moore recently made an appearance on The Doctors, an American syndicated television talk show. The episode on which they appeared featured 100,000 pounds worth of weight loss secrets. Jen and her husband each weighed over 300 pounds at one point in their lives when they decided to begin hooping regularly to get into shape. Jen began hooping for 15 minutes a day. When Keith joined her, they upped their hoop time to 30 minutes a day. And now between the two of them, they have lost a total of 300 pounds after two years of spinning things up. In fact, Jen has even become a hooping instructor while Keith has become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Check out their appearance on The Doctors and find out more about their weight loss success through hooping below!

Hooping and Weight Loss

Happy Woman Holding Scaleby Philo Hagen

Back in the early days when we started hooping I must admit that we weren’t really interested in fitness. We were just out there doing it because it was fun, because we wanted to play, because we wanted to dance, because we wanted to express ourselves. The whole hooping for fitness thing actually turned out to be a bit of a surprise. But when people who hadn’t seen us in awhile said, “Wow, you look great, what have you been doing?”, it started to become apparent even to us that hooping could be a great tool for getting in shape too.

Over the years the fitness aspect of hooping has, rightly or wrongly, become increasingly predominant in the public eye as well. In my early years of talking with the media about the return of the hoop it was rare for a reporter to ask about fitness. Over time, however, it became rare for them to ask about anything else. It seems to me that there are loads of people out there in the world that really want to get in a hoop and play, but they can only allow themselves to do that or take time out for it if they have a practical reason for doing so.

How many calories do you burn hooping? Can you really lose weight with a hula hoop? Will hooping whittle my waist down? Do I need a heavy hoop to shed some pounds? Hooping.org gets numerous emails with questions like these daily. The short answer is that hooping is really great for fitness. The longer answer, however, is a lot more complicated.

Hula Hoop Naked and Lose Weight

Claire French and Lisa Riley Claire French is in The Daily News. The 22-stone dancer who was mistaken for tubby TV star Lisa Riley halved her bulk by hula-hooping naked. A barman asked her if she was the actress who starred in ITV’s “Emmerdale” and “You’ve Been Framed”. The blunder spurred her to lose weight and she discovered a passion for hooping. Claire explained, “It was really upsetting being mistaken for Lisa Riley. I thought: ‘But she’s massive.’ I wanted to cry. After my weight loss, being so big I had massive folds of skin hanging off me. It wasn’t very nice. Hula-hooping allowed me to tone up fast and keep the weight off because I love it and it’s fun. You really lose inches off your waist. I first got naked a couple of years ago. There were a bunch of friends over at the house and we were all just hanging out and having a good time. There were about 20 people over and it was sort of a dare – ‘I bet you won’t get naked’ – so I did and put on a hoop show. I’d have never done that before. My body is still not perfect but I’m very happy with it, and that’s largely thanks to hula-hooping.” Full story: Daily Star.

Frenchy also appears in The Daily Mail wearing only strategically placed items. Article includes a before pic of her as well.

3 Weight Loss Tips To Help Lose Weight The Easy Way!

ScaleDid you overdo it during the holidays? Well Losing Weight Help shares three weight loss tips to help you lose the pounds the easy way. What are they? 1) Stop being hungry!
Sounds stupid but it makes sense, if you are no longer hungry then you won’t eat, and if you don’t eat then you will lose weight. The answer is to eat foods that can keep you full for a long time. Foods that are rich in fibre like lentils, certain fruits and vegetables such as apples and peas, and nuts… 2) Water, a natural aide to weight loss: You may find it hard to believe but an extra 7 to 10 pounds can be lost just by drinking enough water. The reason this happens is that your body has certain defense mechanisms and one of them is to store water which it does when enough hasn’t been drunk… and 3) Now, don’t laugh out loud but go and buy yourself a Hula Hoop: Yes you did read that correctly, a hula hoop!” Given that you’ve probably already got the hoop, these dietary suggestions could prove pretty beneficial. Full story: Losing Weight Help