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Birdie B. Hoopie

Birdie B. Hoopie of the Disc Jam Hoop Tribe fills her life with color while hooping and wanding at Rock n Roll Resort, a music festival in Kerhonkson, New York. She lives in Stone Ridge,…

Faeryn Rose

Faeryn Rose of Hypnotic Hoop Dance lights up Grateful Generation’s ABunDance at Lure in Hollywood. She lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo by Emily Gummig Photography.

New Zealand Hoopfest

Quatrina Kellie and David Chi Gell let it roll at the New Zealand Hoopfest. The event was held March 28th-30th in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by French Shee Fire-Dance.

Harmony Rhythm and Kai Crusos

A stunning shot of Harmony Rythm and Kai Crusos laying in the lush greenery as they both hoop on their feet. Harmony lives in Ashland, Oregon, USA. Kai lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, which…

Cosmic Convergence

She’s spinning up two hoops at the Cosmic Convergence Festival at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Love it! Photo by Photographer Ali Kaukas.

Laura Orc

Remember Laura Orc from our second season of Hooping Idol? Here she is looking simply stunning with her hoop in a very beautiful shot by Paul S. Robinson Photography. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.