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Shellie White Light at Hoop Camp

Shellie White LIght Hooping

For those that didn’t make it to Hoopcamp 2013 this year, the showcase performance by Shellie White Light was one that was fast, fun and completely fabulous. Shellie, of The Healthy Hooper, doesn’t let things like a fly away hoop…

Silvia Pavone: Atma

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Silvia Pavone has inspired us to start work on a couple of new moves. We have a feeling she’ll be doing the same for you. She performs here on New Year’s Eve with Circus Marcel in…

Revolva: The Final Countdown

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Revolva of Revolva Hoop Dance performs in the Squared Circle Revue at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, Michigan. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Soundtrack: “The Final Countdown” by Europe (on iTunes).