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A Hula Hoop Girl in Hana Hawaii

If it’s cold or pouring down rain – like it is here at Hooping.org today – it’s even more delightful to be able to vicariously spend some time hooping on the beach on the beautiful island of Maui. Shapeshifter of Shapeshifter Hoop Dance spins her way to the Hamao and Red Sands beaches, as well as hoop dancing her way…

Hoop Dreams: Hula Hoop Girl

DJ Top Romin: Hula Hoop Girl

DJ Top Romin spins up a track called “Hula Hoop Girl” and brings in Sara Weinshenk to spin things up. Warning: This video is also wafflelicious. You might get hungry while watching. It’s the latest from Breakfast For Dinner TV. They live in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Ted Garber: Hula Hoop Girl

Ted Garber has a song called “Hula Hoop Girl” which we’ve been meaning to share with you, and what better way to do so than with a live performance. The video was filmed at a private party in Sterling, Virginia, featuring South American hula hoop girl Leila Natour. From his “Live at Strathmore” album which won the Washington Area Music…

The Sugar Honey Iced Tea: Hula Hoop Girl

The Sugar Honey Iced Tea are a folk do-wop band of sweet gals from Providence, Rhode Island and this is their song “Hula Hoop Girl”. Video features a dinosaur makeshift marionette – it’s really all about the music. Kate Jones on banjolele and vocals, Laila Aukee on ukulele and vocals, Ana Mallozzi on cello, banjo, drumasaur and vocals, and Emily…

Prachi Garud Hoops Up India’s Got Talent

Prachi Garud, the “Hula Hoop Girl” on India’s Got Talent, made her first appearance on the show during episode three, a performance that resulted in the architecture student not only receiving a standing ovation, she also secured herself a spot in the quarter finals. You can view her second quarter finals performance video below: