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Hula Hoop Fitness at Mindanao State University

Mary Diane Luna and her classmates at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan, Philippines, rock the hoop in their freshman physical education class for a choreographed dance project that they created together....

Shannon Loucks

Shannon Loucks Spins Your Core

Hooping.org columnist Shannon Loucks is here to get us working that core! She says, “In this lesson we are going to move the hoop up and down the core and work on getting control...

Hula Hoop Fitness

Hula Hoop Fitness Exercises

It’s a well known fact that hooping has amazing health benefits, but now it’s time to learn some basic moves you can work into your daily fitness routine! Over at Kurriosity.com, the “social network for...

Kansas Daisy Hoops FEAT

Hooping is Family Fitness For All Ages

The family that hoops together, stays together and for one hooping instructor from Abilene, Kansas, USA, that couldn’t be more true. Tabitha Area and Marci Clare are the instructors behind Kansas Daisy Hoops and...

Jenny Wood FEAT

Jenny Wood Lost Her Mum Tum Hooping

Jenny Wood was going through her wardrobe and found a pile of brightly coloured bikinis languishing in a drawer. “They can go straight to the charity shop,” she thought glumly because she didn’t want...

Rachel Pearl and her Workout Anthem

Rachel Pearl and her Workout Anthem

Rachel Pearl hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she grew up with music all her around her. Her mother is a popular blues singer from that area and her great Uncle Bill has played...

Hoop Party!

Hoop Party!

Get down and hoop it up with KidTribe and Kellee McQuinn as they spread the hoopedemic. She lives in Venice, California USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.

Jenny Hill Makes Fitness Fun With Hooping

Jenny Hill Makes Fitness Fun With Hooping

Jenny Hill knows that when it comes to exercise kids have the right idea. “It’s something children do — they get exercise through play,” she told Lancaster Online. Hill, a fitness instructor at Body...