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Tiana Zoumer

Tiana Zoumer: The Keeper of White Walls

Tiana Zoumer of Zoumerus.com continues to astound us with her innovative and dexterous flow in this video that she calls “The Keeper of White Walls.” Filmed at Katakomben, a circus training center in Berlin,...

Katra Solopuro

Hooping in Bali with Katra Solopuro

Katra Solopuro of KatraSolopuro.com first hooping and multi-hoop video really showcases all of the moves that she’s learned during her first year of hooping in a truly beautiful setting – the island of Bali....

Tiana Zoumer Hooping

Tiana Zoumer at The Spin Summit

Tiana Zoumer spins up some zen at The Spin Summit in the beautiful black forest of Colorado. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Sheryl Ann Photography.

The Joy of Solitary Hoop Dance

Hooping and Living in Both Currents

by Bonnie MacDougall In our daily lives it’s pretty easy to simply follow the routine we usually maintain, keeping the natural order of things. We go to the same Italian restaurant we already know...

McDank and Deejay

Brittany McDank and Deejay: It Gon’ Rain!

Brittany McDank and Deejay, otherwise known as Dan Albrecht, head out for some hooping even if the skies aren’t looking so friendly. Spinning things up at the playground and in the woods, we loved...

Tiana Zoumer Performs at The Spin Summit

Tiana Zoumer Performs at Spin Summit 2014

For those of us that didn’t make it to The Spin Summit this weekend in the beautiful black forest of Colorado, we do have the luxury of dropping by for a little while, and...

Jasmine Bartz

Jasmine Bartz

Miss Jasmine Bartz is here with her very first hooping video and it’s all about Brushy Creek Hooping, aptly named because it was filmed at Brushy Creek Lake Park along the creek itself. With...

Hoop Grinch FEAT

For the Joy of Hooping All Year Round

[Hooping.org wishes everyone the happiest of holidays and we will return from our holiday vacation on Monday, December 30th, to countdown the best of 2013, get ready for our New Year 30/30 Hooping Challenge,...

Shiho Sparkle Hooper

Hooping in Antarctica

Shiho Sparkle Hooper is back spinning things up in the land of ice – Antarctica! She lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Courtney McCormick

Courtney Mccormick

Courtney Mccormick is airborne in this great hooping shot by Alison Paananen. You probably remember Courtney from Hooping Idol 3 earlier this year. She lives in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.

Miss Strange

Get Your Hoop Dance Jumping with Miss Strange

Jump throughs are a basic staple move tthat jazz up hooping repertoires everywhere, including that of Miss Strange, aka Heather Blount-Elliott. She decided to make them the topic of her new tutorial. Watch her...

Maggie Walker

Maggie Walker: The Road to Joy

Maggie Walker of Groove Catalyst and Radiant Threads recently found herself on the road to joy that comes from hoop dance. She says, “One of my most influential teachers in the hoop once said...