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Tiana Zoumer: The Keeper of White Walls

Tiana Zoumer

Who is the keeper of white walls? Well, in this case it’s Tiana. Tiana Zoumer of Zoumerus.com continues to astound us with her innovative and dexterous flow in this video that she calls “The Keeper of White Walls.” Filmed at…

Hooping in Bali with Katra Solopuro

Katra Solopuro Katra Solopuro of KatraSolopuro.com first hooping and multi-hoop video really showcases all of the moves that she’s learned during her first year of hooping in a truly beautiful setting – the island of Bali. Video edited by Niko Solopuro. Katra lives in Tampere, Finland, and the soundtrack for this is “Larger Than Life” by Pinkzebra and you can get a copy of it for yourself over on iTunes.

Tiana Zoumer’s European Juggling Convention Hula Hoop Performance

Tianazoumer Tiana Zoumer of Zoumerus.com was at it again at the European Juggling Convention in Millstreet, Ireland, with a single hoop improvised performance. With her poetic movement from head to toe, she successfully tosses and rolls her way into the hearts of her audience. Her continuous body roll variation that involves one finger balance is epic! Tiana says, “Performing in silence, I could hear the experience of the room fluctuating with each movement.” The video was filmed by Lucas Abduch. Tiana currently lives in Oakland, California, USA.