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Penny Nesbitt, 51, Wins Curves Hula Hoop Contest

CurvesAt Curves in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, a hula hoop contest was held to raise money for breast cancer. The winner was Penny Nesbitt, 51, who hooped straight on for three hours and 26 minutes. “Penny hula hooped the entire three hours and 26 minutes without the hula hoop falling, without rest stops, food or water,” said Donna Klapatiuk, assistant manager at Stony Plain Curves. “She was so thirsty by the end of it and her pants were falling off.” Through the competition, marathon and sale of clothes, the organization raised over $1,100. As the winner of the competition, Nesbitt took home a spa package, but she said she was in it for the cause and to challenge herself. “I had no idea that I could hula hoop for three hours and 26 minutes. I basically impressed myself,” Nesbitt said. Spruce Grove Examiner

Changing The World One Hula Hoop At a Time

SFA Rec Hula Hoop ContestEvery now and then someone wakes up to the idea that hula hooping should be cool again, and is relatively unaware that it already is – big time. Take Steph for example. She’s your inside connection to campus recreation at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, and after pondering the joys of hooping and a lack of enthusiasm in local public opinion about it she decided that she’s out to change the world “one hula hoop at a time.” She writes, “Hula hooping is a great cardio and abdominal workout, and I think that it should be just as socially acceptable as running or lifting weights. Every type of workout looks funny if you think about it. C’mon the yoga tree pose? Hilarious. Or what about the row machine? Gets me every time.” On her quest she even recently held an impromptu hula hoop contest in the middle of the Rec and posted the video on their blog. Full post and video: SFA Campus Rec

The School Hula Hoop Contest We Want To See

FlagThis story makes it clearer than any other in a long time that the face of hula hooping is most definitely turning our direction. In Jamaica, West Indies, Forty-eight students from 21 schools that entered the National Health Fund (NHF) Hula Hoopers competition will participate in the finals. But just in case you were thinking it was going to be another 1950’s style hoop off, in this case it’s something else. “At the final, the hula-hoop routine will be judged on degree of difficulty, use of body movement, rotation speed of hoop, choreography of routine, creativity with the hoop and fluidity of movement of the hoop. The NHF is seeking, through the introduction of the Hula Hoopers competition, to expand the opportunities for children to become physically active. Competitors are vying for bicycles, sports gift vouchers and trophies for the top three schools. Jamaica Gleaner News