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How to Make a Polypro LED Hula Hoop

MattTollowLed2 Matt “OolaHula” Tollow is back with a second tutorial on how to make your very own LED hula hoop, this time using polypro! Part one appeared on Hooping.org last September, which really dissolved the veil of perceived difficulty and showed us just how accessible making a light up hoop can be using HDPE tubing. This second follow up edition discusses making an LED hoop using thinner polypro tubing, with an extra nifty little push button release switch. Included in the YouTube video comments is a complete breakdown of all of the parts and pieces you’ll need too. Matt lives in Ukiah, California USA.

How To Make an LED Hoop

How To Make an LED Hoop Brookelynn Morris explains how to make an LED hoop over at Make Projects. She writes, “LED hula hoops are so beautiful to watch, and creating a custom hoop is a satisfying challenge. Twenty-one LEDs are used in this hoop; 6 are flashing LEDs that cycle through the colors of the rainbow. Each light is combined with a resistor and then wired together in a classic and simple parallel circuit. Be sure to research each part and its specs when creating the circuit design. Each LED for this project was chosen for its similar voltage drop, making things simpler by requiring only one value of resistor. The battery for this project can be a laptop battery like the one used here, or a few AAA batteries taped into series. Either way, the tube can be taken apart for the battery to be easily changed. Experimentation and thoughtful research will make this project successful.” Full details and more: Make Projects.com