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How to Make Your Own Polypro Hula Hoop

makeapolyprohulahoop Want to learn how to make a polypropylene hoop of your own? Star from Divine Bag of Cells.com is here with a short, but sweet tutorial that hits all the basics you need to know. She says, “In this video you will learn how to make professional polypropylene hula hoops in less than two minutes.” You will probably need to pause some of the written instructions along the way, but once you’ve got the right tools to make it happen, you’ll be able to make your own polypro hoops in no time. She lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “The Sound of Waves” featuring Alan Watts by Ilmli and it’s available on iTunes.

How to Make Push Button Collapsible Hula Hoops

Katie Emmitt's tutorial While we’ve seen the hooping skills of Katie Emmitt of Katie Emmitt: Visual and Performance Art many times and she’s taught us how to do numerous hooping moves, this time she’s back to show us how to make a push button collapsible hula hoop at home. She starts with the basics, going over all of the different tools you will need for this project, and then she jumps right into showing you how to make one of these all by yourself. As she mentions, one of the trickiest parts is getting a good connection and she’s provided helpful tips to make it happen. Katie lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

How to Make a Hula Hoop with a Push Pin Connector

PushPinConnector Have you always wanted to know how to make a hoop with a push pin connector? The trick is having all of the right tools. Cthulhuhoop, otherwise known as Kari Siler, demonstrates how easy it is in this wonderful step by step DIY tutorial. All of the necessary tools are laid out at the very beginning and she shows you how they will be used to create your very own push pin hoop. Kari lives in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, where she performs with the Hulagins hula hoop troupe.

Let’s Make Hula Hoops with Julie DeGalan

Julie DeGalan Julie DeGalan may be the Director of Development at Speare Memorial Hospital, but she’s quite likely known as “The Hoop Lady” in other parts of her life. Here we find those two worlds converging as she takes time out at work to teach us how to make and design our own hoops, and does so with the hospital’s seal of approval. After all, as Julie says, “It’s great fun and a great way to exercise.” She’s completely adorable too so even if you already know how to make hoops you’re bound to enjoy this. Speare Memorial Hospital and Julie DeGalan are both located in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Gifting Hoops For Hoopy Holidays

Hooping Santas by Shea Brock

Hoopy Holidays all you gorgeous hoopers out there. It’s that time of year again already. Trees are going up, stockings are being hung and people all over the world are going all “Griswold” on their houses. I know times are hard and more of us are struggling to get to everyone on our shopping lists, but you know what? If you’re pinching pennies this holiday season, consider making some hoops and spreading the hoop love on a budget. What goes into gifting a hoop? How do you design a hoop for someone else? Whether you’re an old hand at hoop making or giving it a try for the very first time here, here are some helpful hints at giving hoops this holiday season.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Gift of a Hoop. Are you worried about giving a hoop to a particular person? Not sure they’d be into it? Take it from me, never judge a book by its cover. The type of people who love to hoop but keep it under wraps will blow your mind. Afraid Aunt Edna won’t like her hoop? It might be just what she was waiting for. Here in the northern hemisphere the days are getting colder and people want to get outdoors and exercise less and less. That’s precisely why a hoop is such a great investment and Christmas gift. Just tell Aunt Edna to DVR some Dr Phil episodes and get her hoop on while she watches in the safety of her living room.

2. Sizing Up Your Giftee. There are soooo many types of hoops out there it can make your head spin, but when it comes to purchasing, and in particular making a hoop for someone else, you really got to think about fitting a hoop to that person’s body. If you’re making a hoop for someone who hasn’t hooped before the general rule of thumb is for the diameter of the hoop to stand from the ground up to somewhere between their belly button and their solar plexus. If they’re on the thin side go closer to the navel. If they’re on the thicker side, closer to the solar plexus. If they’re average, go for right in between. Just remember, one size hoop does not fit all.

3. Making Hoops Makes Spirits Bright: Here are instructions on how to make a hoop. When it comes to tubing, while some may have other opinions, I am going to share with you what I have discovered. When dealing with a beginner all roads lead to 160 psi polyethylene tubing, the black irrigation kind at 3/4″ or smaller. If the person you are making the hoop for is really skinny or of a small build you can use 100 psi. If you’re going to be making hoops for small children I recommend 1/2 inch 125 psi polyethylene tubing. While I have always had good luck getting my tubing from the local Lowes hardware store, there are many places to buy tubing from – try calling hardware stores and plumbing suppliers for starters. You can even get a group together for a hoop making party. Get some egg nog or hard cider, invite a group of gal pals to all throw in money for supplies and at the end of the night each of you can walk away with a hoop or two to give as gifts this year.

4. Decorating Your Hoop: When gifting a hoop to someone, try to learn as much about them as possible if you don’t already know them well. Do they have a passion for rubber ducks? Think yellow and red. Do they love anything with a Disney Princess on it? I’d go pink and purple. Do they, god forbid, loathe glitter? What are their favorite colors? Do they have a favorite football team? All of these things can come in handy when designing a hoop. Taping a hoop is the easiest and most popular way to decorate a hoop. There are many different types of tape; vinyl, gaffer, duct, decorative tape. Vinyl (electrical) and duct tape can both be found at your local hardware store. If you want fancy tape options you can order tape online. Try Fancy Tapes in the UK, Hoop Supplies and Identi-Tape in the United States, Hoop Tape Canada, and Pretty Sticky in Australia.

5. Not Feeling Crafty? There are a plethora of hoop makers online that can do the making part for you. I try and urge people to buy local as much as they can, so utilize places like hooping.org to find local hoop makers in your community. Our Editor Philo can steer you in the right direction if you ask nice. All of Hooping.org’s advertisers aren’t just great at what they do as well, they’re small independent businesses that could use your support this holiday season. Not sure what to get? You can also look into gift certificates and gift cards and let that certain someone pick out a hoop of their own.

So go ahead, don’t be afraid, and make those you love hoops this holiday season. Give them a big, shiny, round toy that will bring them hours of joy and laughter. Gift them something to keep their hearts healthy and keep those extra pounds off in the process. Trust me, you will love to see those faces light up when they realize they can hoop after all. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a Christmas tree surrounded by hula hoops. Nice, shiny, glittery hula hoops! So Hoopy Holidays to your family from my family and all of us at hooping.org.

[Photo: Julie Taylor, Rob Botsford and Leo Hanson hoop up some holiday spirit in the UK.]


Shea Brock Hooping.org columnist Shea Brock loves hooping and sharing the joy of it with everyone she meets. She has a hooping business of her own where she makes and sells hoops and teaches as well – Boro Hoops – and she lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, where she’s slowly building an army of hoopers so she doesn’t have to hoop alone.