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Waist Control with Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom In a world where some newbies are claiming to have “mastered” waist hooping in a matter of days or weeks, Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops is here with a new tutorial that not only reminds us of the power behind waist control, she gives us the tools to get ourselves even more of it. After all, building it up makes for better everything and allows you to be able to dance and move and throw yourself into some serious flow. With awesome exercises to get our waist control in tip top shape, exercises that will have you manipulating the hoop brilliantly in no time, you’ll be super glad and grateful you took time out to get waisted with Jess. She lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Save the Hoop When it Starts to Fall

jess hoop twerk Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops is back with a new tutorial intended to help any of you newbie hoopers who are trying to figure out how to save the hoop when it starts falling. She shares some good basics to keep the hoop from hitting the floor: speeding up the rhythm of your hoop, turning in the same direction as the hoop, and the infamous booty wiggle – which she has renamed the hoop twerk. So get Hoop Twerking people and your hoop won’t be going anywhere! Jess lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Keeping It Up with Jess Wagstrom

Jess Wagstrom Has this ever happened to you? Are you having a hard time keeping it up? Well don’t fret, it has happened to the best of us, and here we find Jess Wagstrom of Jess Hoops giving us the detail on a few steps to help you keep that hoop moving happily around your waist, instead of crashing painfully to the thankless ground below. Cause we hate it when that happens! And we love how well she explains a few things here and does so quite humorously, as always. She lives in Arlington, Texas, USA.

USA Today Gets Hooping with Cassie Beverly

Cassie Beverly WFMY-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, wanted to get the scoop on hooping so they spoke with Cassie Beverly, a hooper that got her start spinning it up at concerts and music festivals in her home state – and the story was picked up by USA Today and is spinning things up everywhere. Three years ago while watching the Yonder Mountain String Band it happened. “I don’t publicly dance, so hooping was my way of grooving. It’s how I get into the music. When I have the hoop with me, that’s when I can dance.” These days, however, you can find her hooping indoors as well. She told WFMY, “I’ve done indoor. We’ve performed at the Des Moines Social Club for art openings, and People’s, or sometimes the Val Air. It’s a lot nicer outside, you have so much more room. And I’m an outdoor girl, anyway. It’s more comfortable. Basically, wherever people will let us hoop, I’ll hoop. I follow really good hooper etiquette. I have a set of rules for myself. I try to stay at the back of the crowd and as out of the way as I can. People are usually pretty accommodating.” Cassie also gave USA Today readers some tips on hooping which you can watch in the video below:

Hooters Girl Jordan Doesn’t Want Us To Hula Hoop

Hooters Girl Jordan, of Hooters, a national American restaurant chain with more than 450 locations, wants to teach us how to hula hoop in the latest promotional from the company, only we get the feeling she doesn’t really want us to learn. For starters, when talking about picking out a hoop, she doesn’t give any reference to the fact that size really matters, simply warning us to watch out for anything lopsided. Then, in her instructional section, Jordan gives no mention to the fact that some of us just naturally like to go the other way and when she’s telling us how to keep it up, she wants us to move in a slow circular motion, when for most of us it is really all about rocking it back and forth in rhythm with the hoop, or perhaps side to side, or diagonal to diagonal if you’re so inclined, but generally moving your hips in a circle is a sure way for it to fall. We will say this for Jordan, however. The girl is quite good at multi-tasking.

Hula Hoop Tips For Beginners

Hula hoop fitness instructor Nicole Rose, of Rosehip Hoop Dance and Healing, is here to teach us a few relatively simply basics including waist hooping, how to pass the hoop around us, as well as a fun move called “The Revolving Door”. This awesome tutorial is presented by Techlife, the magazine of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Nicole is a NAIT alum and staffer and she lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The 5 P’s of Hooping for Newbies

Letters[Hooping.org columnist Shea Brock spells out her 5 P’s.]

by Shea Brock

Recently I had the pleasure of having some of my hoopers stop me after class to comment me on how “fluid” or “graceful” my hooping appears. They wanted to know why it looks at times like I am barely moving while hooping, while they still feel “clumsy” or “all over the place”. I tried explaining that I have been hooping for close to five years now and that when I started, I was really all over the place too. I also let them in on a little secret, that what they see in class sometimes isn’t really my hooping reality. You see, what we do in a classroom setting are moves I have typically done thousands of times, hence the seamless flow. Whenever I am asked what my hooping secrets are, however, my best advice for newbies who are picking up a hoop for the first time are the 5 P’s of hooping. What are the 5 P’s? Well, let me tell you about each of them.