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Hoopy Halloween Greetings From Count Hoopula

Count Hoopula aka HoopSmiles

Everybody is spinning up some fun for Halloween, even Count Hoopula, otherwise known as Joy “Hoopsmiles” Coyne of Hoopsmiles. The Count is here along with some spooky friends of his to wish each and everyone one of you a very…

Waist to Neck with Arms Inside the Hoop with Hoopsmiles

Hoopsmiles Would you like to learn how to bring that hoop up from your waist to your neck without using your hands? This this tutorial is just for you. Joy “Hoopsmiles” Coyne of Hoopsmiles is here to teach us how to get that hoop spinning on up the body with our arms inside the hoop and he does a great job of breaking it down. He also has some great tips on hoop size here too. He lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the song playing is called “Head Out The Window Going 60″ which he wrote himself.

Top Ten List for April 27-May 3 2014

Top Ten List FEAT

Guess what boys and girls? It’s time for Hooping.org’s weekly Top Ten List where we count down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the past week (as based on reader response). We’re starting things off at number ten…

The Happy Hoopers of Seattle


Happy hoopers from across the greater Seattle area didn’t let rain stop them from gathering together to spin up happiness and joy through the art of hooping. In a very special video directed by Jon “Hoopsmiles” Coyne, children and adults…

Learning the Lift

Learning The Lift FEAT

Lara Eastburn knows you have an aching can’t-stop-it-itch to expand the reach of your hoop dance beyond waist hooping. First step? Getting that hoop in the air and spinning up over your head. It’s all about learning the lift.