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Alice Rose

Alice RoseAlice Rose caught our attention as she shows off her funky fresh flow in a new hoop video filmed all over her hometown.  She began hooping only eight months ago and is now teaching her own sold out 6-week beginners course and she and a friend named Stefano Pollina filmed this demo to promote it. She describes her experience so far in the hooping community as “an incredible journey” and loves how inspirational everyone’s been to her so far. She lives in Portsmouth, England, UK, and you can check out more info on her classes at Hoop Shaker.com. The music she’s hooping to in this video is called “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend and it is available for you to download for your very own on iTunes.

Sally Cox is a Hoopshaker

Sally Cox: Hoopshaker

Sally Cox: Hoopshaker

Sally Cox at Hoopshaker is on a mission to introduce more people to the benefits of working out with hula hoops in 2012. She’s become a full-time hoop instructor and runs fitness classes in Portsmouth, Havant and Stubbington, UK. She told The News, “It’s a core exercise so it’s targeting the tummy although we do work the arms, legs and bum too. You can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes and it’s fun. It keeps you motivated because even when you think you can’t do it, you can. Everyone can do it with a bit of time and the right hoop. I’ve got people who’ve dropped a dress size and it’s good for your posture and confidence.”