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Happy World Hoop Day 2014

Happy 7th World Hoop Day – Saturday 10/04/2014!

We just had an amazing auction at Holistic HoopingTrinityStarrSpinFX, a brand new children’s book called The Hula Hoop Queen, Tim and his one of a kind skateboard hammers, body butter and soaps, massages by Kat Carter and Melinda Lundgren, DVDs, Books, mini hoops, some awesome clothes and more! We raised over $1,000! Which means we can give away MORE HOOPS!

And we’re doing just that around the world. Look for an event near you on the map page, or add your event so we can upload it to the site.  We have over 125 events listed on 6 continents this year, including locations where Ambassadors have donated hoops to kids in need and remote areas of the world. Check it out and get ready for October 4, 2014!

And for those of you who are learning the WHD Dance<  choreographed by Tink of Spin Matsuri, Malcolm Stuart and Beka Hoop, the amount of participants this year is staggering! More than any other year! We have 1000’s of hoop dancers around the world hooping to Basement Jaxx – thanks to The Hooping Life for bringing the stellar tune from their movie to our World Hoop Day party this year.

Please send your videos and photos to us after WHD 2014 so we can share them with others.

Hoop Hugs,
Annie O

Ambassasorable in Mexico!

I had the pleasure of meeting Esmeralda, Kenya and Fer from Mexico – Sonora and Mexico City. Esmeralda<  told me that all the teenagers who hoop are very talented circus style hoopers. Our chat at Hoopcamp got me thinking. When we started giving away hoops several years ago, many were taken to children living in poverty in Mexico. The first few ambassadors and I gave away a few hundred hoops there about 5-7 years ago to 4-10 year olds and to hear that kids that are of the right age are now hooping up a storm makes you wonder. Could it be these kids got their start because of World Hoop Day? It’s certainly possible.

The epic WHD events that occur in Mexico are some of the biggest and I have this gut feeling it is all because of the Ambassador hoop drops we’ve been able to make all over Mexico. Two of three three ladies performed at Hoopcamp this year and they are incredibly talented, dynamic and humble sweeties who brought gigantic tears of joy and huge hoots and hollers.

Tink, Ambassador of the Season!

I first met Tink, aka Kristen, the choreographer of the World Hoop Day Dance a few years back at Hoopcamp and her hair was electric pink! Tink and I have kept in touch not only because she is the mastermind behind the WHD Dance, but because she and her Tokyo hoop friends have donated hundreds of hoops to kids all over Japan.

Ambassadors of 2014

  • Dee Saunders – Jamaica – 25 hoops – “I wanna go back to Jamaica! What an amazing experience.  I arrived at Risen Messiah September 3, 2014. There were so many kids.” Click her name to read more and see her video, which brought a tear to my eye here: http://tinyurl.com/WHDDeeJamaica
  • Christel – Marseille, France – 75 hoops – “There is a LARGE north and west African population of children that need hoops as much as any child anywhere else in the world (as much as the children in their homelands….”
  • Bryna – Philippines – 17 hoops – A Peace Corps Volunteer, she writes, “toys are a luxury and free time is spent in the street playing with other children. Often times this is with various items found around the barangay (community)- string, tires or wadded up pieces of paper they use to play a game similar to hackey sack.”
  • Anna – Hungary & Croatia – 20 hoops – “I have also a lot of thing to do as an ambassador here in Hungary because hoopdance is not a well known activity here.” 
  • Amaya – Western Sahara – 20 hoops – “FiSahara organizes activities and workshops for the refugees, and I will be teaching them about the power of hooping.”
  • Elizabeth – Jamaica & St. Croix – 100 hoops – “I had to leave my favorite hoop with my friends son Enoch (he is six) to promise him I would return and he wants a black and gold hoop.”
  • Sarah – Hawaii – 20 hoops – “I just got back from a trip to Hawaii, where I donated over 20 hoops for kids in various towns on the Big Island.”
  • Samantha – Alaska – 100 hoops – Ambassador of the Month of January 2014 – “For World Hoop Day 2014 I plan to arrange to travel to Galena and host a World Hoop Day event for the communities surrounding.”
  • Brenda – Pennsylvania – 20 hoops – ” This year we are providing gifts and meals for 320 families who are in need in Centre County.”
Join Our Team

Become a World Hoop Day Ambassador

WHD actively seeks Ambassadors who travel to far, remote locations.  Ambassadors take hoops and materials to give to children and varied communities in need. To find out how you can be an Official World Hoop Day Ambassador, visit us here: http://tinyurl.com/WHDAmb

Become a Sponsor

We survive on donations, the love of our sponsors and the will to create a world of peace. Our Gold Star, Silver Spice & Bronze Bead Sponsors all help in different ways to make the mission possible. All of our sponsors are extraordinary people and companies who have a wish to improve the health and well being of others.

Regular donations of hoops and hoop making materials are also a great help to the cause.  We send materials or hand-crafted hoops to Ambassadors who can travel with them to teach locals, like those in Peru, how to tape their own hoop. Visit our Sponsors sites below and help the love go round and round!

Make a Tax Deductible Donation
Support World Hoop Day! Bring joy, peace and freedom to children around the world. Teach about love and sharing across borders. Offer the experience of art, dance and flow.  With your generosity we can send more hoops and more ambassadors around the globe to reach out to children with our sparkly circles of peace.

Donate to World Hoop Day today.

UniHoop with My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus

My Nose Turns Red The talented young performers of My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus display their skills in a spectacular showcase called UniHoop for the 2014 Youth Circus Extravaganza at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hoopers dazzled the audience with exciting and remarkable tricks while unicyclists amazingly ride circles around them in excellent synchronization. They’re from Covington, Kentucky, USA, and My Nose Turns Red is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth circus and the art of theatrical clown. The performance was choreographed by Jesse AlFord and Brianna Wooten to music performed by the River City Drum Corp of Louisville, Kentucky.

Jazmin Jade

Jazmin Jade Jazmin Jade of Jazzy Hoops spins up some awesome hooping madness at dusk. Adorned with a wonderful outfit and surrounded by lush, beautiful scenery, Jazmin takes us on a journey through the darkening night with various hoops to match. In a video that was captured and produced by Ninja Penguin Films, you’ll be captivated by her smiles and charismatic hooping. Jazmin currently lives in Lebanon, Maine, USA, and the soundtrack to her hoop dance is called “Ebents Evolution: To the New” by Ebents Music. You can download a copy of it for your own on iTunes.

In Memory of Jessica Pintoski

Jessie Pintoski Jessica Catherine Pintoski passed away this past weekend at the age of 22. We are truly honored to share with you her final hooping video and a couple others we enjoyed. She was and continues to be an inspiration to her family, friends, and anyone else who’s life she touched along the way. An avid hooper, Jessie was introduced to the hoop by her best friend Cynthia Robarge. Cynthia told us, “She loved hooping, and it quickly became a huge part of who she was. We would practice for hours together, and it was always a huge bonding experience for us.” As for what happened, nobody is quite sure. “For the last few weeks she was arbitrarily losing consciousness,” Cynthia explained, adding, “The doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. Saturday night she was rushed to the hospital, but she had passed before EMS even got to her, and there was nothing they could do.”

Jessie had hoped to see a video of hers appear on hooping.org some day. Cynthia explained, “A few months ago one of my videos was featured on Hooping.org, and after that she submitted one of her own in hopes that hers might be shared as well. Wen it wasn’t she thought that it was because she wasn’t good enough, although I did try to assure her that you guys just get so many submissions that you couldn’t possibly use all of them on the site.” Jessie, on behalf of everyone here at Hooping.org, you were always more than good enough. You were a joy to watch.

Jessie lived in Shelby Township, Michigan, USA, and our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends. A Facebook page for donations has been set up with all proceeds going to helping with the arrangements, so please consider helping in the memory of one of our own if you are able. Her funeral will be held on Friday, November 22, 2013, at 7:00 pm at the A.H. Peters Funeral Home, 32000 Schoenherr Rd. at Masonic, in Warren, Michigan, USA.

Hillary Hula


Hillary Hula Hillary Hula, otherwise known as Hillary Pelley, is pretty adorable as she spins things up for her new 2013 hoop dance demo video. Her hooping is as captivating here as her beautiful smile is catching and that’s probably why she’s performing these days around the Pacific Northwest. Hillary comes to us from Ellensburg, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack for this is called “Stereo Love” and it’s by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. You can score a copy of it for yourself super easily too on iTunes.

Extensions, Anti-Spins and Flowers

edited Hooping.org’s 2013 Newbie Hooper of the Year, isopuppy aka Caitlin Hofer of Hooping Healers Hoop Dance Troupe, teaches us some fundamental drawing techniques with the hoop including extensions, anti-spins and flowers. Many of these hoop skills stem from poi and although Caitlin doesn’t actually spin poi herself, she says that she has a lot of friends that do, “and I think it really influences my hooping, and one of my favorite hula hoopers has a lot of poi influences as well.” We love Caitlin’s take on these versatile moves in this tutorial and she even treats us to a little show at the end! She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Kay Luz: Sidewalk Closed

Kay Luz There’s nothing more inviting to a hooper than a large, empty space, and if there’s a sign saying ‘closed’ on it, well, all the better as that spot gets to be ours alone. Kay Luz found her spot right behind an inviting sign that simply said “Sidewalk Closed”. Beautifully captured by Raphael Badan, Kay makes the vacant lot at an abandoned factory her own amongst the discarded detritus of everyday life. Adding soul and spirit to something that just a moment ago seemed lifeless and barren, the hoop brings joy everywhere. Kay lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Whistle Dixie” by Travis Barker and Yelawolf, which you can score a copy of for yourself on iTunes. Adult Content Warning: song contains mild profanity.

Anny Barlow: Hoopin’ Through the Middle East

Hooping in the Middle East “Have hoops, will travel” is pretty much every hoopers motto, but some of us get to hoop in places where not everyone hoops. Anny Barlow of Anny Barlow Images gives us a video quite unlike any we’ve seen before, spinning things up in locations that are rarely seen in hooping videos, like hooping in front of the pyramids, for example, or the Great Sphinx of Giza, and sharing the hoop love with locals on exotic sun drenched beaches. Anny says “Traveling for the first time through parts of the Middle East is certainly an experience not to be forgotten. At the time of travel Syria had just gone into civil strife and meeting refugees was common practice everywhere, even on the beaches of El Gouna, Egypt. It’s amazing how a hula hoop and some smiles can bring people together everywhere, despite the cultural differences and socio-economic borders! Through Egypt and Qatar, my hula-hoop broke down barriers built by fear, and opened opportunities for cultural interactions filled with smiles, warmth, and new friendships!”

Tere “Lioness” Marie

hoop It’s time for a 90’s flashback, folks! Tere “Lioness” Marie spins her hoops to a remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” by Cyril Hahn, creating a montage brimming with beautiful scenery and lighthearted hooping. She adds a silly, but aesthetically pleasing touch to her video with mirroring and blurring effects that flow wonderfully with the music. From forest to river, it is clear that Tere had a blast creating this video for all of us to enjoy! Tere lives in Syracuse, New York, USA, and you can score a copy of the soundtrack to this video easily as it can be found on iTunes.

Kay Dent

Kay Dent Reconnection with one’s art can be a very personal and intimate moment, akin to reacquainting ourselves with a friend that we might not be keeping in touch with like we used to. Kay Dent of Pink Hoops shares with us just how that reconnecting feels as she forgoes focusing on the tricks and surrenders to the music, the moment and the movement, showing us that her communication skills with her hoops are as strong as ever. In fact, as the video progresses they get even stronger and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Kay lives in Bristol, England, UK, and her soundtrack for this is “Angelica” by Lamb, which you can get a copy of for yourself on iTunes.