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A HoopPather in Subtitles with Baxter

HoopPath Baxter of The HoopPath spins up something not only beautiful, but inspiring. Along with his own infamous hoop style come subtitles from the technique learned while on the path of a Hoop Pather. He says, “I added some subtitles so that this video could also be a kind of tutorial, since I NEVER make them.” He lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “First Light” by Living Light and you can download a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

Hooping With Aunt Flo(w)

[Hooping.org Assistant Editor Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young shares why every woman should hoop. Parental guidance suggested.] Hooping does so many great things for us. It tones the abs, encourages laughter, creates friendships, and does a million other things. Today, however,…

Hooping My Way Through My Day

[Hooping.org Assistant Editor Bonnie MacDougall spins her way through life.] by Bonnie MacDougall If you’re anything like me your mind is a virtual hooping vortex sometimes, constantly spinning all things into a hooping metaphor, example, or way of being. I…

Beth Lavinder

Beth Lavinder spins it up at the annual HoopPath Beach Retreat at St. Simons Island in Georgia. Photo by Jaguar Mary. They live in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Hoopcamp 2012: Movin and Groovin

[Hooping.org’s Editor Philo Hagen believes we all have our 100% natural groove.] by Philo Hagen On my way to Hoopcamp 2012 this year I was in kind of a big rush, roaring up Interstate 5 in my 21-year-old Volvo hoping…