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5 Ways to Burn Calories with a Hula Hoop

Deanne Love hooping Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here to take your workout to the next level with this tutorial on 5 different ways to burn calories with a hula hoop. Hoopers of every skill level can take a little something from this too though, since it’s more about fitness than learning new tricks. Deanne uses basic on-body hoop dance moves that combine arm and leg movements to help melt the calories away and help you feel the burn. Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Off Body Pop In with Deanne Love


Deanne Love of Hooplovers returns with another superb tutorial, this time teaching hoopers how to master an off body pop in combination – in Bali! The Sacred Circularities retreat sure provides a breathtaking backdrop for learning. As she demonstrates the stellar combo, she explains that “often we just kind of change the direction of the hoop just by squeezing…. but a pop in makes [it] really extravagant”. So true, Deanne Love! We love seeing how creative hoopers can get with transitions and combinations to make their dance unique. Sharing these unique moves provides the opportunity for us to get more comfortable with turning hooping into hoop dancing. She lives and teaches in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Twin Hoops 101

deanne twins Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here with a tutorial for those of you just starting out with twin hoops. It’s very common for hoopers who are new to twins to wonder what they can do with their hoops before they have perfected a lot of fancy double hoop tricks. Deanne wants to show you that by keeping it simple, you can incorporate some of the off body moves you already know how to do with your single hoop into double hooping. It still might take a little bit of that “patting your head while rubbing your belly” concentration at first, but this is a great introduction to twin hooping that will get your mind and body used to working with two hoops at the same time. Deanne lives in Melboune, Victoria, Australia.

Hooping Tutorials: Hand Spins

Hand Spins A hand spin added to your hoop dance can add a really impressive moment, whether you’re doing it with two hands or one. That’s why we’re excited to share a couple of tutorials out of Australia with you that are all about spinning things up with your hand. First up the adorable Fozface shares a two-handed move she’s calling a “Double Flaired-Hand Wind-up”. Then for those who are more advanced the lovely and talented Lisa Lottie joins Deanne Love of Hooplovers to spin up another wonderful tutorial. She teaches us how to do the “One Handed Helicopter” and makes it look easy. They all live in Australia, although Lisa lives in London, England, UK, as well where she currently is at the moment. Check ’em out.

Hooping Tutorials: Breaks and Reversals

deanne Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here to teach us her chest hooping version of breaks and reversals, two related techniques that were introduced to the modern hooping world by Jonathan Baxter of the Hoop Path. A common question is what the difference is between breaks and reversals? Both involve stopping the hoop’s rotation and changing the direction of the hoop. A break is when the hoop’s direction is changed and the hoop does less than one full rotation around the body. A reverse or reversal is when the hoop’s direction is changed and the hoop rotates all the way around the body at least 360 degrees. Deanne has lots of tips to help you improve your chest hooping breaks and reversals with two hands, as well as with just one hand. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hoop Fractal

Hoop Fractal Hoop Fractal, an interactive performance project engaging deep space, galactic rifts and harmonic patterns from Hoop Empire, was recently performed live by Bunny Hoop Star and Deanne Love of Hooplovers in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. And now Bunny says “The Fractal is Complete!” She’s talking about this video featuring the amazing work of Sid and Steve at Video Facility in Sydney. “It was such an honour to work with such creative geniuses,” Bunny says and it truly is a a feast for the eyes. The soundtrack is “My Tree (Ripperton Remix” by Ellen Allien and it’s available on iTunes.

Our Hoopcamp 2013 Presenter Invitational Award Winners

Hoopcamp This month hoopers from around the world submitted their entries in our 2013 Hoopcamp Presenter Invitational contest, a golden opportunity for three lucky hoop instructors to be invited to teach this year at the largest hoop specific gathering on the planet – Hoopcamp! The search for the next great workshops was on and with the theme for 2013 being “A Hooper’s Life: Dancing Your Light”, we invited you to spin up something with that affinity in mind, giving us a sneak peak of your workshop, as well as into your hoop world. And now the time has come to announce our three selected Hoopcamp Invitational participants that will be presenting a 1.5 hour workshop at Hoopcamp this year, with each receiving a comped camping package ticket to the big event as well. Who are the lucky hoopers who will be attending this award winning event for free this year and spinning up an awesome class? Without any further ado: here they are:

Hooping Tutorials: Waist to Knee Hoop Split

Lisa Lottie How lucky are we? Very lucky when we have hooping tutorial featuring the amazing talents of Lisa Lottie. Have you seen her hooping on her knees and her waist and thought to yourself, “I’ll probably never be able to do that?!?” Well, Lisa teams up with Deanne Love of Hooplovers to spin up this wonderful tutorial on that waist to knee hoop split. The key, of course, is practice, practice, practice. She says it won’t happen overnight, steering us to practice about ten minutes each day and even then it might take weeks or months, but just keep trying. Very encouraging words from such an iconic hooper! Lisa is currently living between London, England, UK, and Melbourne, and Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.