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Hooping in the Philippines

Hooping: It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Who wouldn’t want to visit the Philippine Islands after watching this wonderfully fun “tourism” video featuring Hoopaholic Cebu? The lovely and talented hoopers having all of the fun here include Bernadette Yu, La Verne...

Athena Hoops' elbow hoop skills glow in this neon photo taken at the Science Museum of Virginia

Athena Hoops in Neon

Athena Hoops‘ elbow hooping skills glow in this electric photo taken at the Science Museum of Virginia. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by PD Murphy Photography.

Shauna Olson

Hoop Dancing with Shauna Olson

Making her video debut on hooping.org, Shauna Olson delights us with her refined movement in her hoop dance. She brings us a glimpse of her hooping life and you can see that she’s having...

Linda Zuroski

Sunset Hooping with Linda Zuroski

Linda Zuroski spins her hoop and creates this beautiful sunset silhouette. Photo taken by her husband, photographer Barry Zuroski. Stunning! She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.


Garden Hooping with Helen War

Everyone loves a hooper with a style of their own and Helen War of Helenwar.com definitely fits that description. Her latest video features her taking advantage of a sunny day and doing some “garden...


Autumn Hooping with Amy Hoopsalot

Amy Hoopsalot spins it up surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves at Shenandoah National Park in Front Royal, Virginia, USA. Love it! Photo by James Peoples.


A Hoop Dance and Dancing Daydream

Kyla Ernst-Alper is dancing in the park while Meladonna is impressing us with her hooping in this slow motion slice of beautiful movement entitled “Daydream.” In their hooping.org debut, the pair express themselves through...


Hula Hoop Waterskiing with Jackie Nixon

Here’s something we’ve honestly never seen before. Jackie Nixon of Hoops by Hulacat steps things up a notch as she brings her hoop with her on a water skiing adventure. Between the powerful wind...

Tiana Zoumer

Tiana Zoumer: The Keeper of White Walls

Tiana Zoumer of Zoumerus.com continues to astound us with her innovative and dexterous flow in this video that she calls “The Keeper of White Walls.” Filmed at Katakomben, a circus training center in Berlin,...


A Beautiful GoPro Aerial Drone Hooping Video

This intriguing hoop video is a collaboration of videoagraphy brought to you by Rami Katzav and Miki Malka of Kronos Aerial Photography. With sweeping views shot at unusual angles with the help of a...