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Hooping on Maui with Malpal

MalpalMalpal takes us to the beautiful island of Maui and spins up a total winner of a hooping video at the drum circle at Little Beach. Filmed by Lucy Brinn and with a special appearance by a little hooper named Jade Sunshine, Mallory spins up single and twins hoops in the beautiful sunshine as the waves crash behind her and the end result is most enjoyable indeed. She’s currently living in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack for this is a “Revolution” by Diplo and you can score a copy of it for your own music collection quite easily on iTunes.

Let’s Learn Chest Rolls with Liam Spinyang

Liam Spinyang Liam Spinyang of SpinYang Hoops returns to hooping.org with a nifty hooping tutorial on that ever-elusive chest roll. He says, “This move is a great introduction to the rolls, and is a fun move to bust out any time, anywhere.” We couldn’t agree more and he gives you 5 easy steps to help you perfect your chest roll, steps which also open the door to other types of fun rolls as well. And if you are feeling confident with your rolls already, he previews some transitions and flow into chest rolls that will inspire you to go outside and get started too! Liam is currently living in San Francisco, California, USA.

Agathe Le Guevel’s Magical World of Hoop Dance

La Gatoun Agathe Le Guevel, otherwise known as “La Gatoun“, is gracing our screens with an incredibly charming hoop dance featuring three cheeky tricks including the small cat, the captain’s salute, and the 2000 Bug. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! La Gatoun lives in Le Sud, Aquitaine, France, and the soundtrack for this one is “Dancing in the Dark” by Mike Mareen, and you can score a copy of it for your own collection over on Amazon.

Page Campbell Spins Her First Hoopiversary

Page Campbell In celebration of her one year hoopiversary, Page Campbell is here making her big debut on hooping.org with a compilation video showing off what she’s been able to spin up with the circle over the past year. She says, “This video is dedicated to my love for hooping” and it sure looks like she loves it alright because she’s having a blast. Page is currently living in Houston, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is called “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots, and it’s available for you to download a copy of for your own collection over on iTunes.

Fire Hooping and the Fear of Getting Burned

by Molly Bilinski

Hooping in and of itself can be epic, but add fire to the equation and it can become a full-blown spectacle, whether you’re watching from the audience or in the hoop yourself. There’s nothing quite like the rush of heat and sound when a flaming fire hoop is swirling around you. And while fire hooping can be quite an empowering skill to learn and master, most believe comes with its own set of risks. The phrase “If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned” seems like more than a cliche to those who spin fire. Watching fire hoopers in their full glory, it’s as if they are able to shut off the part of their brain that tells them to be afraid. Is fire hooping truly dangerous? If so, how do they turn their fear off? How do they overcome that very human instinct to shrink away from the flames that are licking at their bodies? How likely is it that you will burn yourself? And moreover, how do hoopers who have been been burned overcome their fear and step back inside a flaming circle? We talked to a few experienced fire hoopers from around the world to find out.

Let’s Learn Whip Isolations with Nina Infinity

NinaInfinityNina Infinity of Infinity Hoop Dance is here with a new hooping tutorial and she’s going to be teaching us all how to do Whip Isolations. Yay! She says, “It can be done in either the wheel or wall plane with one hoop, and then add a second hoop for even more fun!” She breaks the move down really well in this too and demystifies the complexity of it with some really great instruction. Nina is currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hooping with Shannon Hill

Hooping Shannon Hill Shannon Hill of The Emerald City Hoop Troupe is starting summer off right with a short but sweet video, casually showing off some of her talent. She’s making her Hooping.org debut here and be sure to check out her tosses and beautiful hand spins. Shannon lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and her soundtrack for this one is “Word$” by Kito & Reija Lee featuring Zebra Katz, which you can easily download a copy of for your own collection over on iTunes.