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Forward Behind the Back Three Beat Weave with Lars Carlson

larscarlsontwintechforwardbehindweave Lars Carlson brings us this fabulous twin hooping tutorial for the “Forward Behind the Back Three Beat Weave”, coming to us from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. “Take it slow as it’s physically demanding and does take a while to build up the specific flexibility for,” Lars says when discussing this epic weave. He’s been working on it for six months. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and the soundtrack is “Basin Dub” by 2562 which can be purchased over on iTunes.

The Crosses Weave With Lee Jeffries

Lee Jefferies Lee Jeffries, otherwise known as Spaz, is here to teach us the infamous Crossers Weave, also known as the Hug Weave. This move is great to add to your twin hooping flow and Lee even provides us with a variety of starting points only using one hand. Then he breaks the move down into quadrants in order to really feel out the move. Nicely done! Lee is from Pensacola, Florida, USA.

The Floor Smear With Carron McCabe

Carron Carron McCabe is here to teach us how to do something she calls the “Floor Smear” and in this tutorial she breaks down this nifty trick that is a great simple move to add to any hooping repertoire. Beginning near your legs, this trick is similar to the smear we know and love, only it focuses on manipulating the hoop around our legs. Carron lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.