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How to Hula Hoop Rap Song: LED Edition

You may remember the original How to Hula Hoop Rap Song or the recent Easter bunny edition. Now Jon Coyne of HoopSmiles has an LED version of this super fun hula hoop song! He lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

How To Hula Hoop: Easter Bunny Edition

Remember the Hula Hoop Rap Song? Well Jon Coyne of Hoopsmiles is spinning it up all over again with an Easter Bunny edition. Soundtrack: "How To Hoop" by Hoopsmiles (http://itunes.apple.com/album/how-to-hoop/id449169640?i=449169657&ign-mpt=uo%3D5">on iTunes). He lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Le Truk: Hoola Hoop

"Hoola Hoop" is a Russian hip-hop song by Le Truk (aka Detsl) featuring Robert Ryda, D'Money, Atom and D.Masta. They're based out of Moscow, Russia.

Cantoma, Kaskade, Bonar Bradberry and Lupe Fiasco

There is new sounds for you to enjoy on the Hoop Sounds iPod (left hand column) and the new playlist opens up with "Maja" by one of our favorite recording artists Cantoma from their new release "Out of Town". As with pretty much everything by them you're in for something deliciously dreamy to warm your…

Sub Swara: Triggers

Need some tunes to inspire your hooping? Sub Swara have released a new album entitled "Triggers" and it "represents a year of passionate work and our collective experience and we're beyond excited to bring it to you." The SF Weekly writes, "The outfit now specializes in a whatever-makes-you-bang style of bass music that's fresh and…

Children of the Blue Ray: Awaken 2013

In the 1988 book "Notes From The Cosmos" by Gordon Michael Scallion, he wrote a chapter about the Blue-Ray Children, explaining that they were the souls from the ancient land of Lemuria, whereas the Indigo Children were predominantly Atlantean. Scallion emphasized that these children evolve very quickly and that they have a knowing of their…

Mayapuris: Mridanga

Mayapuris released their debut album entitled Mridanga and have been steadily climbing the world music charts, and for good reason. The kirtan/chant genre album is infectious with fiery vocals, earth shaking rhythms and enchanting musical flavor. Members of the band grew up in temples, on farms, in villages and in cities surrounded by Krsna culture,…