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Cantoma, Kaskade, Bonar Bradberry and Lupe Fiasco

Sounds for March 2011 There is new sounds for you to enjoy on the Hoop Sounds iPod (left hand column) and the new playlist opens up with “Maja” by one of our favorite recording artists Cantoma from their new release “Out of Town”. As with pretty much everything by them you’re in for something deliciously dreamy to warm your soul, soothe the edges of your day, get you back into your own space and get you breathing and warmed up (on iTunes). Following that we have the brand new Kaskade Remix of “All That You Give” – which is by Kaskade, they’ve just put a new spin it on it, taking us one step further into ourselves, slowing things down internally while we speed things up a bit externally (on iTunes). And then we really get moving with the Pete Herbert Remix of “Siula Grande” by Bonar Bradberry – just one of the great tracks from “Future Disco Volume 4: Neon Nights”, the latest compilation of new artists putting a new spin on a classic sound (on iTunes). Following that it’s our finale with “The Show Goes On” from the soon to be released brand new album “Lasers” from Lupe Fiasco (on iTunes).