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Getting Ourselves Animated

get animated feat

by special guest blogger Johnathan Livingston Baxter Like so many others, the entrance of the hoop into my life has been a cataclysmic force that has, quite literally, broken me open. I wish I could say that once the first…

Why I Love Hooping Challenges

Why I Love Hooping Challenges FEAT

by Clair Ching With the kickoff of Hooping.org’s Fall Fun & Fitness 30/30 Challenge tomorrow, I found myself reflecting on why I love hooping challenges so much. The very first time I participated in one was our New Year 30/30…

Transcend Your Hooping Plateau

Transcend Your Hooping Plateau FEAT

by Bonnie MacDougall Has your hooping gotten a little stale? I know that there have been countless times that I have reached a hooping plateau and felt like I’ve gotten stuck there. While I gaze longingly at the next glorious…