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The Hooper’s rEvolving Closet

Khan Wong [This week Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn takes a look at hooper fashion.]

by Lara Eastburn

We’re all familiar with the quote, “Clothes make the man.” But Mark Twain’s immortal maxim is also followed by this one, “Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Fair enough.

But do clothes make the hooper? With a few exceptions, a quick glance around at the hooping world would certainly make one think so. What to wear while hooping is the subject of countless online threads, forums and groups. One’s wardrobe often appears to be a major consideration in even casual hooping photos and videos. The sheer amount of attention we as a community pay to hooping and clothes implies that it’s something we think — and worry — a lot about.

And there are a couple immediate and obvious reasons for this. For one, some clothes aren’t suitable for hooping. Belts get in the way; slippery fabrics are frustrating. But then, I don’t wear those to a Pilates class either, y’know? Then, some clothes – or their absence – seem to facilitate learning to hoop. For many years, I HAD to wear shorts if I was going to have a chance in hell of pulling off knee hooping. Tank tops, as well as a good sports bra, were an equal necessity when I was first attempting torso hooping. Hooping with fire comes with strict clothing rules. And blast if those flowy gaucho pants don’t fall-half way down my ass when I’m getting my groove on. These motivations for hoop-specific clothing we can relegate to the category of “utility.” They serve a mechanical and functional purpose. Okay, so what about the rest?