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Share the Hoop Love with Hooper Valentines

Hooper Valentines Here at Hooping.org we’ve been all about spreading the hoop love since 2003 and with Valentine’s Day coming up next week, we thought why not spread it even more than we usually do. Would you like to have a hooper valentine this year? Would you like to be a hooper valentine this year? Participation goes both ways. Here’s how it works. Simply send an email to hoopervalentines@gmail.com before 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, February 8th. Include your full name and mailing address so your valentine can send you something. Your information will not be used for anything else, we promise. Then on Thursday, February 9th, you’ll get an email back with the full name and mailing address of the hooper valentine you will be sending your hoop love to. You can send them something anonymously or with your contact info, something hand-made or store-bought, something super extravagant or beautifully simple – it’s up to you. Just pop it in the mail to them on Friday, February 10th. Be sure to mark it “Do not open until February 14th” just in case it gets there a little early and on Valentine’s Day keep an eye out for some hoop love coming your way full circle. Hooping.org is all about inclusivity – the only requirement to participate is a desire to do so. So join us in our celebration of Valentine’s Day this year and help us spin up even more hoop love in our community.