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Hoopie Awards 2014: Our Winners

2014 Hoopie Awards FEAT

While all of our nominated photos this year did well, the winner of the 2014 Hoopie Award for Photo of the Year with 20% of the total vote goes to Tokyo Sunshine of Buffalo, New York, USA. Photo by thinkincolor.…

2014 Hoopie Award Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions FEAT

With voting in our 2014 Hoopie Awards well underway, the time has come once again for our Hoopie Award Honorable Mentions list. Every year we take time out to shine the spotlight on some additional awesomeness that just didn’t make…

Hoopie Awards 2014: Rock The Vote

2014 Hoopie Awards FEAT

Welcome to the 2014 Hoopie Awards! It’s Hooping.org’s 7th Annual Awards celebration honoring greatness in our hoop community and we’re delighted that you are here. We’d like to remind everyone that if you’re a hooper, you’re already a winner whether…