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Chest Roll Variations with Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lilachupahoopschestroll Are you ready to try putting a new spin on a familiar hooping move? Great, because Lila Chupa-Hoops of HoopEra is here to teach all of us a variety of thumbs down chest roll variations in her brand new tutorial, and she puts a whole new spin on chest rolls along the way. The instructional audio for her lesson is, of course, in French, but trust us, you will still be able to understand the lesson without needing to know the language. Lila’s body roll variations are all very fancy so give them a spin and spin up a new way to look at chest rolls. Lila lives in Paris, France.

Loren DL: Playing With My Ghosts

Loren DL Loren DL is playing with her ghosts in her first hooping video, and we’re not talking about anything paranormal this time either. Her Hooping.org debut is something pretty and brilliant you won’t want to miss as she spins up a whole series of moves before her otherworldly friends appear. The videos as directed by Jérémy Guillermain and produced by Showblock. She’s an instructor with Hoopera and she lives in Paris, France. The soundtrack for this is a track by Gig which you can find on Soundcloud.

Hoopera Fest 2013

Hoopera Fest 2013 We’re taking you to Paris for a quick look at what was hoopening at Hoopera Fest 2013. In celebration of Hoopera‘s second year, hoopers gathered at Studio Le Regard du Cygne and we highly recommend giving this fun video your attention if not only to see the foot to foot toss by Valentino Bogino. There’s lots of wonderful things to see from everyone else too including a group performance by the beginners class, as well as performances by Anossens aka Emilie Durand, Lila Chupa-Hoops, Shamay and Lou Cat, Velvet Hoopnroll, Marie Lou, Corail Firenza and Charlotte Nouziès. The soundtrack for this is “La Foule” by Cassita.

Ipcha Garpo: Une Petite Dingue du

Ipcha Zad Garpo Ipcha “Zad” Garpo, otherwise known as Philippe Lavot, has a new song out called “Une Petite Dingue du…” and it’s all about a girl who is crazy for hula hoops. In this zany French music video we follow the musicians as they play their way around the city of Paris with a hoop while pointing out other hoop-shaped objects along the way. Meanwhile the hooper is spinning until she’s literally “blue in the face”! We’re not sure how to get your hands on a copy of this fun soundtrack, but you can enjoy it here on hooping.org and on YouTube.