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Hooping with Spaceclown

Spacedragon Hoops Hooping Spaceclown, an incarnation of Spacedragon Hoops, is having such a good time with his hoop that we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world. He exclaims, “I feel super rad in this video!” And guess what? It really shows in his hooping which will be sure to bring a smile to your day. Spacedragon is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, and the song he’s hooping to is “Salute” by Little Mix and you can download it for yourself over on iTunes.

A Hoop Dance Performance by Marko Kalc

Marko Kalc It’s great seeing Marko Kalc back on hooping.org again. Spinning up a dynamic hoop dance performance on stage, he’s always so much fun to watch. We only wish we had all of it to share with you because it looks like there was probably more. He lives in Rijeka, Croatia, and the soundtrack for this live drumming, followed by a live DJ, followed by both playing together.

SunnyDaze Spins Her One Year Hoopiversary

Haley Enlow hooping SunnyDaze of SunnyDaze Performance Art, otherwise known as Haley Enlow, is celebrating her first year hoopiversary and she’s here to show the world what’s she’s learned during that time. We’ve been keeping our eye on her for awhile and she’s totally one to watch with her super smooth flow that we can barely keep up with. Haley lives in Springfield, Missouri, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Artsy Remix” by Edit featuring The Grouch. Snag your own copy of it over on Soundcloud.

Hooping at Home with Jackie Adams

Jackie Adams Hooping Everyone welcome hooper Jackie Adams to our page because it’s her first time being featured on hooping.org and we’re happy to have her. She’s been catching our eye for awhile and she totally rocks out in this, despite being in a small space with lots of breakables nearby. Check out her sustained spinning sections too, they’re truly amazing. Jackie lives in Billings, Missouri, USA, and the song she’s hooping to is “Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)” by Daughter and you can get a copy for yourself over on Soundcloud.