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Allison Donaghy

Allison Donaghy She’s an American girl and she’s hooping it up in the park. Her name is Allison Donaghy and apparently hooping runs in the family. Filmed by her mama, Allison says that she has been taking hoop filming hints from her older hooping sister Caitlin Donaghy. Here we find Allison spinning things up at one of her favorite places, Thompson Park in New Jersey. She currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, USA, and the soundtrack for her video is a classic. It’s “American Girl” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and you can get a copy of it on iTunes.

Bringing The Hoop To Our Dance

Hoopdance [Casandra Tanenbaum joins our Hooping.org columnists this week and kicks things off by inviting us to dance.]

by Casandra Tanenbaum

As a hooper, I find myself to be a hoopdancer. And what exactly does THAT mean in this community? One can find hundreds of variations of styles and personalities in the ever-growing worldwide community of hoop enthusiasts. Notice fitness specialists, extolling the virtues of hooping as a movement modality for weight loss and cardiovascular health. There are meditative hooping circles with a daily hoop practice spinning on a spiritual path. Object manipulators and flow artists utilize the hoop as one of many tools for exploring the range of rhythmic articulation in movement to craft mesmerizing visual delights. And what of the hoopdancer? What exactly does it mean to bring the hoop into your dance? While I delight in being able to Wow an audience, and meditative movement draws me into a state of flow with ease, I am most interested in the moment when my hoop becomes my dance partner.