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The Fold Escalator and the Hand Flip Fold with Kassandra Morrison

escalatorandverticalfold Kassandra Morrison of the Friendly Fire Tribe, one of Hooping.org’s Video Editors, brings us not one, but two tutorials about some mesmerizing tricks to add to your hooping repertoire: The Fold Escalator and the Vertical Hand Fold. She begins with a demo while breaking down a few prerequisites, then slows it way down so you can see all of the important details. Kassandra lives in Akron, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Plus Loin” by Govinda and you can get your copy of it on iTunes.

Johannah Birney: Rising on the Horizon

Johannah Birney

Johannah Birney spins up something with this that is just as amazing as it is beautiful. Of this hooping video that she calls “Rising on the Horizon”, she says “I wanted to sing a prayer for this beach.” That’s ultimately…

Hooping by the Tracks with Anna Meilman

Anna Meilman

Anna Meilman of Cirque Roots entertains us with this fun performance inside and outside. As the Pacific Railway box car trains roll past in the background, Anna hoops her little heart out with a single hoop and then with some…

Johannah Birney: Superpower

Johannah Birney

Johannah “MoJo” Birney of Spiral Samurai brings it in this unique and emotive hoop dance. In the opening scene, a cute kitty follows her shadow readying to pounce and draws you into watching the rest of the various scenes of…

Amy Nash

Any Nash

Amy “Circus Amy” Nash shares with us a new hoop sequence she’s been rehearsing for a performance and, as the title states, it’s bold and dramatic. Watch as she combines hooping, some awesome poses and wow circus moment while playing…