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The Double Archer to Fold with Sarah Sparkles

Sarah Sparkles Hooping It’s time for a tutorial by the one and only Sarah Sparkles. We’ve seen her hoop dancing on the site before, but now it’s time to learn a thing or two from her. Watch as she teaches us how to do a combination move with double hoops that she is calling “The Double Archer to Fold.” This move is also based on “hoop movement” rather than poi based movements for those spinning up twins and we hope it is the start to a series of similar tutorials. Enjoy! She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 

Get Your Hoop Dance Jumping with Miss Strange

Miss Strange Jump throughs are a basic staple move tthat jazz up hooping repertoires everywhere, including that of Miss Strange, aka Heather Blount-Elliott. She decided to make them the topic of her new tutorial. Watch her slow down each part of two different type of jump throughs too; one from a standing position, and one from a weave. She does a great job of showing the hand movements involved in these tricks too, sharing it all from various angles. So get jumpin! Miss Strange lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The Roll Back with Variations

rollbackSo you want to learn how to do the roll back? Well today Stepfhanie Connell of Boomtown Hoops has put together a fabulous tutorial demonstrating the roll back with several variations that are also lots of fun. She  explains, “I call this move a roll back, you are rolling the hoop over the shoulder from collar bone to upper back and catching it behind. I showed some variations of this move also. If you would like further explanation just leave  a comment (on the youtube video) and I would be happy to help. Much smiles and love”. Stepfhanie and Boomtown Hoops are both from West Virginia, USA.

Three Beat Weave

emma Are you still trying to figure out what the heck the difference is between doing a regular weave versus a three beat weave? Well, you’re in luck because today Emma Kerr of Hooping Mad is here with a tutorial that breaks down the three beat weave. First she reviews several ways to begin the regular two beat weave aka the figure eight weave with two hoops. She explains that the extra beat that differentiates the three beat weave is added by allowing the hoops to spin on your thumbs. She recommends not using mini hoops when you are learning the three beat weave because those tiny minis will spin much more quickly. Using larger hoops will allow the hoops to spin more slowly while you get the hang of what you’re doing. Filmed at Kings Beach in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, USA. Kenna lives in Bristol, England, UK.

Twin Hoops 101

deanne twins Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here with a tutorial for those of you just starting out with twin hoops. It’s very common for hoopers who are new to twins to wonder what they can do with their hoops before they have perfected a lot of fancy double hoop tricks. Deanne wants to show you that by keeping it simple, you can incorporate some of the off body moves you already know how to do with your single hoop into double hooping. It still might take a little bit of that “patting your head while rubbing your belly” concentration at first, but this is a great introduction to twin hooping that will get your mind and body used to working with two hoops at the same time. Deanne lives in Melboune, Victoria, Australia.