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The Double Archer to Fold with Sarah Sparkles

Sarah Sparkles Hooping It’s time for a tutorial by the one and only Sarah Sparkles. We’ve seen her hoop dancing on the site before, but now it’s time to learn a thing or two from her. Watch as she teaches us how to do a combination move with double hoops that she is calling “The Double Archer to Fold.” This move is also based on “hoop movement” rather than poi based movements for those spinning up twins and we hope it is the start to a series of similar tutorials. Enjoy! She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 

Twin Hoops 101

deanne twins Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here with a tutorial for those of you just starting out with twin hoops. It’s very common for hoopers who are new to twins to wonder what they can do with their hoops before they have perfected a lot of fancy double hoop tricks. Deanne wants to show you that by keeping it simple, you can incorporate some of the off body moves you already know how to do with your single hoop into double hooping. It still might take a little bit of that “patting your head while rubbing your belly” concentration at first, but this is a great introduction to twin hooping that will get your mind and body used to working with two hoops at the same time. Deanne lives in Melboune, Victoria, Australia.

Vertical Chest Bump

katie emmitt vertical chest bump Katie Emmitt, aka Katie Bug of KatieEmmitt.com, is back with another tutorial! Today she is going to teach us how to do a move she is calling the vertical chest bump. While not a hoop trick in the flashy “Ta Da!” sense, this move is a great transition from hand hooping to vertical shoulder or chest hooping. You can also use the vertical chest bump to transition from vertical shoulder or chest hooping into a vertical isolation, a barrel roll or a toss. Katie lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Yo Yo Bounce Isolation

yo yo bounce Gennie Garvey is here to teach everyone how to rock the Yo Yo Bounce Isolation. Not only does she guide us step by step, but she also has diagrams! She explains that the secret to creating the illusion of this move is imagining a line going down the middle of your hoop and keeping your hoop on that plane only traveling up and down, never letting your hoop stray to the right or to the left. Gennie lives in California, USA.

Hooping Tutorials: Spinning Behind the Back

sara violet Violet Ponderosa aka Sara Harrison is here to teach us a trick that she calls “behind the back in front of the body spins.” It’s quite a mouthful to say, but it just means that your hand is wrapped behind your back and spinning the hoop in front of your body. Not only does Violet teach us this fun move, but she also has tips on how to stretch and increase your flexibility to help you get your hand into this position. Next she teaches us three variations to finish this move: a toss, a chest roll, and vertical roll up the body. Violet lives in Maryland, USA.

Hooping Tutorials: Breaks and Reversals

deanne Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here to teach us her chest hooping version of breaks and reversals, two related techniques that were introduced to the modern hooping world by Jonathan Baxter of the Hoop Path. A common question is what the difference is between breaks and reversals? Both involve stopping the hoop’s rotation and changing the direction of the hoop. A break is when the hoop’s direction is changed and the hoop does less than one full rotation around the body. A reverse or reversal is when the hoop’s direction is changed and the hoop rotates all the way around the body at least 360 degrees. Deanne has lots of tips to help you improve your chest hooping breaks and reversals with two hands, as well as with just one hand. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hooping Tutorials: Monkey Crane Technique

monkey crane Sometimes you just have to laugh when someone shows you not to take hooping so seriously. Hooping.org Visual Editor Richie Hoopspinner Isaacs is here to show us what he is calling the “Monkey Crane Technique” (formerly known as Kung Fu Panda), which is a super fun under the leg off body spinning technique that requires simultaneous skills: the balance of a crane and the agility of a monkey. Are you up for the challenge, hoopers? Richie lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Hooping Tutorials: Folding Jump Combo

gems Gems Goddard of the UK Hoop Gathering is here to show us a fun hoop trick combination she’s calling the “Folding Jump Combo”. It consists of passing the hoop around the body, folding the hoop and then going into a jump or a vertical isolation and it looks pretty cool. Gems says, “I hope you enjoy learning a new trick with the hoop!” She’s currently living in Arambol, Goa, India, and the soundtrack used here is called “Rose Rouge” from the album Tourist by St. Germain. It is available for you to download too on iTunes.

Hooping Tutorials: Chest Roll to Back Roll

jordan Jordan Cunningham, also known as Hooplify, is here to show us how to do a chest roll into a back roll. Of course, the prerequisites for learning this combination are already knowing how to do a chest roll and a back roll. Jordan also shows us how to do the opposite, going from a back roll into a chest roll, as well as some other cool variations on the move that you can try. This is her very first tutorial and we are looking forward to seeing what else she will have to teach us in the future! Jordan lives in Franklin, Tennessee, USA.

Hooping Tutorials: Elbow Duck and Roll

amy style Amy Style aka Amy Gilliam is here to teach us a sequence that she calls the Elbow Duck and Roll, which is actually a series of moves put together. She begins with hand hooping, transitions into elbow hooping, then does a barrel roll into a linear isolation. That may sound like a lot of information at once, but she breaks down each move one at a time so that you can easily follow along at home and put them all together yourself. She also includes the ever helpful slow motion footage of the entire sequence. She lives in Lauderhill, FL, USA.