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A Hoop Making Life Hack with Alexandria Truex

Alexandria Truex wrapping a hoop Hoop makers everywhere are about to be thanking Alexandria Truex of Dutruex Hula Hoops. You probably remember her from Hooping Idol 4 and here she presents a simple hoop making life hack that will make your experience wrapping hoops with shiny and metallic tapes instantly more enjoyable! Just by placing a rubber band over the paper backing on the roll of tape, you’ll be able to avoid the frustrations and speed things up as well. Simple and effective…just how we like it! Alexandria lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

How to Make a Rainbow LED Hula Hoop

Beth Piver Beth Piver of Hoop Trix presents us with a fresh out of the box tutorial on how to make your very own rainbow LED hoop, a simpler one that doesn’t require you to do any soldering, and therefore there won’t be any switches needing to be installed either. Beth also imparts a clever little bit of wisdom on just how to transform your white LED’s into purple ones. What’s her secret? Simply shading them with a purple sharpie marker. Beth currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

How to Make a Polypro LED Hula Hoop

MattTollowLed2 Matt “OolaHula” Tollow is back with a second tutorial on how to make your very own LED hula hoop, this time using polypro! Part one appeared on Hooping.org last September, which really dissolved the veil of perceived difficulty and showed us just how accessible making a light up hoop can be using HDPE tubing. This second follow up edition discusses making an LED hoop using thinner polypro tubing, with an extra nifty little push button release switch. Included in the YouTube video comments is a complete breakdown of all of the parts and pieces you’ll need too. Matt lives in Ukiah, California USA.

How To Calculate Your Hula Hoop Tubing Amount

GwendolynGenevieveGorham In honor of an epic Pi Day that happened this weekend, Gwendolyn Genevieve Gorham, otherwise known as The Spinning Dancer showed us a quick and easy way to calculate how much tubing is needed to make a custom-sized hula hoop. She brought us this tutorial to celebrate a momentous occasion that only happens once every millennium, where the month, day and year are the beginning numbers of the mathematical constant 3.1415… She lives in British Columbia, Canada, and the soundtrack here is called “Pi” by Hard ‘n Phirm, and you can find a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes. Gwendolyn was hooping.org’s 1st place winner of our most recent Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2015.

For The Price of a Hoop

For The Price of a Hoop

by Philo Hagen

The other day I was listening to a hooper rant that all hoops should be free for everyone, that those who make and sell them for $40 are ripping people off. It’s not the first time I’ve heard such a thing. While my first hoop was given to me for fun and for free by a happy hooping hippie on a hoop love spreading mission, not all of us can afford to be so financially feckless with our favorite avocation, at least for the long term. After making and giving away scores and scores of hoops myself in my attempt to pay it forward, it dawned on me one day that gifting hoops was making quite a serious dent in my already thin wallet.

Inevitably I decided, as so many of us do, that perhaps hoop making itself could be a smart way to supplement my otherwise meager income. I was making hoops anyway, why not get paid for it? And I thought of a sure fire way to get a jump on the competition too. I would sell my hoops for less. After all, who doesn’t want to spend less? The thing I never really took into consideration though was how much it actually costs to make a hoop.

While there are those out there, like my ranting friend, who figure the cost of a hoop to be somewhere around a buck, the real price tag for making a hoop can be quite a different story. For starters, standard polyethylene tubing comes in cumbersome and rather heavy 100 foot rolls, or larger. You have to get somewhere that you can buy the stuff to begin with, and you need to pull into the parking lot in a roomy enough vehicle to bring a few of those routinely dirty rolls back with you, or the price of the gas it took to get there is hardly worth it.

During my brief stint as a hoop making entrepreneur I regularly drove 45 miles each way, from San Francisco to Livermore, just to scores some pipe. Chances are you’re going to have to travel too since most cities don’t make a habit of selling farming irrigation tubing where there aren’t, y’know, farms. And while you might be able to score a roll online for $30, if you wind up paying $35 to have it shipped to you, that’s hardly a bargain either. While connectors aren’t terribly expensive, a sander to grind off the edges can be. A good PVC pipe cutter will also set you back another $20. Anyone who has ever purchased hoop tape knows how quickly a few rolls can really add up there too. If you want to have a good selection of colors and styles and sparkles for people to choose from, then you’re definitely making an investment – and you haven’t even started selling them yet.

Make a Heart Shaped Hoop with Brittany McDank

brittanymcdankhearthooptutorial Brittany McDank’s latest tutorial is not only awesome, it’s very timely. She’s here to teach us how to build our own heart hoops, just in time for Valentine’s Day! “Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I figured we could do a tutorial on how to make some heart hoops,” she says, and she teaches us how to make this festive hoop using 1/2 PEX tubing. The whole thing costs less than $20 to make for all of the supplies necessary to build one heart hoop. We’re loving the simplicity and creativity behind these concept hula hoops too. Brittany currently resides in Avon, Connecticut, USA.

How to Make Your Own Polypro Hula Hoop

makeapolyprohulahoop Want to learn how to make a polypropylene hoop of your own? Star from Divine Bag of Cells.com is here with a short, but sweet tutorial that hits all the basics you need to know. She says, “In this video you will learn how to make professional polypropylene hula hoops in less than two minutes.” You will probably need to pause some of the written instructions along the way, but once you’ve got the right tools to make it happen, you’ll be able to make your own polypro hoops in no time. She lives in Oakland, California, USA, and the soundtrack is “The Sound of Waves” featuring Alan Watts by Ilmli and it’s available on iTunes.

How to Make Push Button Collapsible Hula Hoops

Katie Emmitt's tutorial While we’ve seen the hooping skills of Katie Emmitt of Katie Emmitt: Visual and Performance Art many times and she’s taught us how to do numerous hooping moves, this time she’s back to show us how to make a push button collapsible hula hoop at home. She starts with the basics, going over all of the different tools you will need for this project, and then she jumps right into showing you how to make one of these all by yourself. As she mentions, one of the trickiest parts is getting a good connection and she’s provided helpful tips to make it happen. Katie lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

How to Make a LED Hula Hoop with Matt Tollow

How to Make a LED Hula Hoop If you’ve thought that making your own LED hoop was always going to be something beyond your reach, think again. Matt Tollow is here with a brand new tutorial to teach us all step by step just what it takes to make one and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to follow along. Give yourself half an hour to watch this so you can take it all in at once because he really breaks it down in great detail. Matt lives in Ukiah, California, USA.

How to Make a Hula Hoop with a Push Pin Connector

PushPinConnector Have you always wanted to know how to make a hoop with a push pin connector? The trick is having all of the right tools. Cthulhuhoop, otherwise known as Kari Siler, demonstrates how easy it is in this wonderful step by step DIY tutorial. All of the necessary tools are laid out at the very beginning and she shows you how they will be used to create your very own push pin hoop. Kari lives in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, where she performs with the Hulagins hula hoop troupe.