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Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe

Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe Hooping on the Ritz! The Ritzy Rouge Hoop Troupe, aka Bonnie Claire and Alaska from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, share their charming hoop belly dance flapper fusion at Belly Nouveau. The ladies call their style Hooping Improvisational Tribal Style (HITS), a freshly emerging dance genre they have created that fuses Hula Hoop movements with Tribal Style Belly Dance. Belly Nouveau was a lovely presentation held at The Kosmos in Albuquerque recently and some of the best belly dancers in New Mexico performed. Georgio O’neil was the MC and live music was provided by Frank Bramlitt, Erik Teixeria and David-Harduin Brown.

Geelong Gets In The Hoop Spin

Hoop Fusion In Geelong, Victoria, Australia, the hula hoop has come full circle. The Geelong Advertiser Tarn Gillies is not your regular mum of four. The 34-year-old hula hoop instructor is committed to bringing a childhood memory back into fashion. “I’ve had hula hoops in my possession for a long time now,” Ms Gillies said. “It’s a real joy for me. I want to be able to share the experience.” After moving to Geelong six months ago, Ms Gillies opened up Hoop Fusion and hasn’t looked back since. “There has been a really positive and rewarding feedback so far,” she said. “Hula hooping is a great aerobic exercise,” Ms Gillies said. “But it’s a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like you’re working out.” Ms Gillies said Geelong enthusiasts have now caught on to a global trend. “Classes everywhere are booked out,” she said. Geelong Advertiser